Retrofitting GSM technology for secure, efficient access control


For housing managers, retrofitting new technologies and systems to existing residences is becoming more of a priority as costs come under increasing pressure, and process inefficiencies are tackled. Retrospectively incorporating new technology into older housing stock is an effective solution, bringing immediate benefits to housing managers and tenants without breaking the bank.

Retrofitting is most commonly talked about in relation to decarbonisation. But in addition to environmental considerations, retrofitting new technology can also be beneficial for building security and accessibility. Incorporating new access control technology in existing buildings, for example, can enhance the tenant experience significantly – while also streamlining operations and cutting down any inefficiencies.

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Finding a perfect fit
For housing managers, the security of tenants cannot be compromised. And so, when the security of a building needs to be improved because access control devices such as intercoms and coded keypads become faulty or obsolete, solving the issue quickly becomes a priority.

However, it’s often the case that replacing ageing devices can be costly, and so the decision is frequently made to make continuous repairs rather than installing a brand-new system. Finding the correct system for your particular residence can be tricky – while the upheaval of recabling entire apartment blocks and installing new handsets into every individual flat can also be significant. However, with the latest wireless access control technology, these issues are mitigated.

The power of digital
One of these technologies is GSM – the Global System for Mobile Communications, or the same technology that powers mobile phone calls. Although not a new technology, the way it is applied to residential management is new and has the potential to transform traditional ways of working for housing professionals.

As a completely wireless, digital system, GSM makes plastic handsets and traditional, cabled intercoms redundant. Instead, tenants can simply control access to their residence by using their landline, smartphone or tablet. As this technology is wireless, that means that retrofitting GSM-powered systems takes significantly less time than traditional, wired systems, with no need for tenant disturbance.

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Benefits for all
By turning their phone into a powerful door entry device, GSM-based systems ensure that access control is as easy and intuitive to operate as possible. Tenants can control access to their property no matter where they are in their home, or indeed the world, via their preferred device. This has a number of advantages from a security standpoint, as wireless GSM intercom systems can help make it appear as if there is always someone at home.  

For housing professionals, GSM-enabled access devices aren’t just a simple and cost-effective solution for refurbishments and renovations. GSM technology can also be linked to remote or off-site management systems, allowing housing professionals to oversee all access to the block from their own office or place of work, in real-time. As such, housing managers can carry out day-to-day administration tasks in just a few clicks, making real-time changes to key fobs, flat numbers and tenant information in a more streamlined and efficient way, primarily as no site visits are required.

Next-generation solutions
At Intratone, our entire range of access control and property management systems have been created using GSM technology – making them an ideal retrofit solution for any housing manager seeking to easily enhance security and the user-friendliness of access control in existing stock. From intercoms to coded keypads, digital noticeboards to proximity readers, our solutions are all wireless and connected to our secure, remote online management system – ensuring easy installations, user-friendliness as well as increased efficiency.

Future-proofing technology
Digital innovation offers an exciting future for affordable housing – and adopting such technology doesn’t have to be difficult or costly, either. Retrofitting wireless, GSM-powered access control systems into existing residences is an effective and hassle-free way for housing managers to future-proof their buildings for the long-term.

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