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Since 2002, Hispec has stood as a figure of reliability in the UK wholesale market, offering an array of fire safety, emergency lighting, air quality, and lighting products. Our journey has been characterised by a commitment to excellence, rooted in the provision of reliable solutions that have garnered the trust of our customers. Through our dedication to quality and service, we’ve become the preferred choice for those seeking life-critical safety solutions.

fire resistant

The latest generation of fire resistant glazing is expanding the potential to increase daylighting within the communal areas of social housing, as well as other forms of shared accommodation, without compromising the safety of residents.

This light transmission and fire safety balance can be achieved using the range of certified fire resistant glazing and door systems from Promat. In the past 12 months, the company has seen a noticeable increase in the number of enquiries it has received relating to residential projects, which reflects a growing awareness of the benefits of designing spaces with maximum natural light in mind, coupled with the need to meet strict fire safety obligations following the implementation of the Building Safety Act.


Ensuring that materials used on buildings are fire resistant is more important than ever, especially for residential buildings above 18m (11m in Scotland) in height, where UK building regulations now require the use of incombustible materials that resist the spread of fire.

KEIM silicate paints are fire resistant to the highest Euronorm classification (EN13501-1), with a classification of A2-s1, d0, ideal for specifiers, contractors, housing associations and councils involved with decoration and refurbishment of high rise buildings in the UK, to ensure compliance with current fire regulations.

fire safety

Sentry Fire Safety Group, the UK's leading manufacturer of bespoke, certified fire safety doorsets, is proud to have been recognised as one of the nation's fastest-growing investment-backed businesses.

This prestigious accolade comes from a landmark report commissioned by BDO LLP to analyse value creation and understand supercharged growth within UK businesses.

door locking system

Leading the change in home security innovation, Titon is proud to introduce its new multi-point door locking system for sliding patio doors, Hexalok™.

This cutting-edge, cost-effective solution has been developed by Titon to provide unparalleled, affordable security.

golden thread

Fire doorset legislation has changed significantly in the recent years, with changes made at every stage in the lifecycle of a fire doorset, from design & testing to inspection & maintenance. For social housing fire doorset specifications, this means that all the stages in the lifecycle of a fire doorset, need to not just be included in the specification, but reviewed to ensure compliance with the new legislation.


Kidde Safety Europe is launching a new relay unit designed to provide enhanced safety for building occupants, particularly for dwellings that house vulnerable people, or where compliance with the Equality Act is essential.