The need for safety signs on housing developments projects

safety signsSafety signs are everywhere: in the workplace, public spaces, and construction sites just to name a few. They act as an essential warning of any upcoming dangers that could cause potential injury or fatality. To create a safe working environment, the correct safety signs should be displayed in clear and visible positions to warn workers and visitors of any hazards and dangers. They are a critical element in a risk assessment where they serve as strong control measures to reduce the risk.

HSE released figures  state that there were a huge 555,000 estimated non-fatal injuries to workers in 2018/19, and 147 workers killed at work in the same year . These statistics highlight the importance of ensuring health and safety standards are met on construction and housing developments, and the importance of using health and safety measures such as safety signs from Reece Safety, which can highlight potential hazards and help to keep workers and site visitors safe. Hazard signs, danger signs and electrical hazard signs are a few examples of signs of use to construction environments.


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