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With more than 85 years’ experience, Sidey is in the top 10 of the UK’s biggest fenestration companies. With all round expertise in commercial, new build, trade and domestic windows, doors, glazing and offsite construction, Sidey works with Housing Associations around the UK to deliver affordable homes to rent and buy.

Quality Counts

Quality products and service are essential when working in today’s industry. This is why Sidey’s comprehensive list of accreditations assures customers of the highest standards providing the best possible quality product and service every time.
Being accredited to the very latest BSI ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 (SSIP), including CDM for both designer and contractor, and certified both onsite and offsite for all of our accreditations, assures customers the work undertaken by Sidey is carried out to international quality standards.
Sidey also maintains the very latest BS 8213-4:2016 for Survey, Design and Installation of windows & doors guaranteeing customers with up-to-date design considerations and regulatory requirements, including fire, thermal design and installation.
Being CHAS and SSIP accredited for designer, principle contractor and contractor, demonstrates our utmost competence in Health & Safety arrangements to carry out work safely and without risk to people’s health.

Social Housing: How to get the most from windows, doors and glazing  

For Housing Associations, the housing crisis continues. There simply aren’t enough available homes in the UK for the number of people who need them. No matter how many are built or refurbished there continues to be a huge deficit.
There’s more stress than ever on Housing Associations and Registered Social Landlords to deliver much needed quality homes that meet EESHH standards.
There has been a change in the way affordable new homes are delivered both to buy and rent. Often they’re tied up in larger housing developments with a small percentage of properties on an estate set aside for this. The big problem is there’s a shortage of homes to buy. Add the skills shortage in construction into the mix, and we must look for other ways to deliver decent homes.
New build makes up only a very small percentage of available homes, so looking at ways to renovate existing properties to meet today’s demands is paramount. Choosing the right windows, doors and glazing can address many complexities of the housing stock and the requirements of an ageing population. There are no other products that combine aesthetics, safety, security, fire resistance and energy efficiency all in one. While many refurbishment products can tick a couple of boxes, utilising the specification on windows and doors can have a positive knock on effect to the performance of the whole building.

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Refurbishment & Maintenance – Case Study - 3 nine storey buildings

Sidey’s extensive experience in Social Housing refurbishment guarantees success. Clients can be assured of the best service as can their tenants with audited Tenant Satisfaction rates of 99.2 percent.
Innovative and intelligent solutions are at Sidey’s core and when faced with refurbishing 51 dwellings for a local client, Sidey’s R&D team set to work. We looked at all the prevailing site conditions and options and in collaboration with the client Sidey’s SolarthermPlus® 0.7 W/m2K U-value triple glazed tilt & turn window was used.
This was a classic retro-fit scheme; the 51 dwellings over 3 nine storey buildings were completed in 1973 built typically for the period with a Bison beam structure, and included what at the time was a pioneering district heating system.
Installing this specification of product into a retro-fit environment was unique, and windows of this type are usually installed into ‘fabric first’ developments where the aim is to design out the requirement for high usage of carbon fuels in the first place.  
We had to adapt the same principles for this development, and it was critical that in doing so the windows would work harmoniously with other key elements in the building – namely the heating and ventilation systems, whilst also addressing the acoustic requirements of the site.
Sidey’s solutions wholly achieved the brief to the client’s full satisfaction and returned the building to a level of advanced performance comparable to when it was originally built.

Innovative Energy efficiency

Upgrading the specification of the windows and doors can make a big difference on the energy performance. By reducing cold spots and draughts, it creates a more comfortable, consistent temperature throughout the dwelling, and can stop tenants from turning up the thermostat unnecessarily – so it saves them money.  Combine a higher specification window and door with good wall and roof insulation and the whole of the building performs better. Working collaboratively and looking at the holistic performance of buildings is central to Sidey’s ethos.

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