Significant SmartSecure addition with FUHR Autotronic

The FUHR autotronic 834 lock has been added to Carl F Groupco’s suite of SmartSecure electronic door locking and access control solutions. As one of the most important additions to the company’s upcoming 2021 catalogue, the highly versatile hybrid product is a major expansion to the SmartSecure brand. The 834 provides a combination of automatic locking and electronic motor driven unlocking: as such, it is an appealing option that is fully compatible with all existing SmartSecure locking and access control variants


FUHR’s autotronic hybrid lock enhances Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure solutions

The autotronic offers a practical solution for multiple occupancy buildings. The solution is also advantageous for properties that require the security and convenience of an automatic lock, plus the advanced functionality of an electromechanical lock with access control options.

Commenting on the appeal of the features of the autotronic, John Mitchell, Technical Manager for Carl F Groupco said: “On closing the door, two latching deadbolts simultaneously extend and lock in place – this provides additional security compared to traditional mechanical locking mechanisms as the user doesn’t need to remember to secure the door. Unlocking the door is motorised, this enables the addition of access control and integration into existing building management systems. From the outside, the door can be opened using a cylinder key or access control: it is secured on closing and can be deadlocked using the cylinder key provided.

“An 834P panic/emergency exit variant is available for single and double doors providing all the benefits of the 834 lock while allowing unimpeded escape from the inside of the building using the lever or panic push bar at any time on either the active or inactive door leaf. The hardware meets British Standard requirements when used alongside the recommended FUHR lever handle (EN 179 for emergency escape) or Panic Bar (EN 1125 for panic exit) and the CES free movement cylinder.”

SmartSecure has been the most significant development in Carl F Groupco’s 70+ year history. As such, the autotronic addition is set to have major impact as it supports the growing electronic door locking and Smart access control market.

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