Take fire doors to a new level

A recent survey into fire safety in social housing carried out by Housing Management and Maintenance magazine reported that 95% of respondents named fire doors as the most important fire safety product and more than half cited broken fire doors as the main reason for properties failing fire safety assessments.

fire doorsWith the Hackitt Review calling for greater care in the specification of fire safety products, door closer manufacturer, Samuel Heath asserts that the type of door closer fitted to fire doors in social housing stock should be given as much consideration as the fire door itself.

The right door closer will not only meet relevant fire and accessibility requirements, but also assure continued reliability of the fire door, tenant safety and well-being, as well as help to control whole life costs.

Samuel Heath’s Powermatic, jamb-mounted, concealed door closer delivers in all these areas, meeting the necessary performance standards and delivering a host of additional benefits thanks to its total concealment when the door is closed.

Where overhead, surface-mounted door closers have arms and boxes on show, Powermatic door closers are totally concealed, making them less likely to be damaged, either through a deliberate act, lack of care, misuse or tampering. This means enhanced reliability of the fire door and less chance of the door closer and fire door needing repair or replacement in the future.

Powermatic also rises above other concealed devices; unlike other jamb-mounted devices, Powermatic door closers facilitate a door’s compliance with the accessibility requirements of Approved Document M and do not have to be removed from the door to be adjusted.

In addition, Powermatic is the only Certifire jamb-mounted door closer and has been fitted to door sets which have successfully completed security tests to PAS 24.

British designed and manufactured, Powermatic door closers come with a 10-year warranty and, of course, there is also the comfort of knowing that they are manufactured in the UK by Samuel Heath, who, with more than 50 years’ experience, is probably the foremost authority when it comes to concealed door closers.