ThermaVent Flow2One

Help reduce the conditions which create potential for mould growth and poor air quality in your housing stock

Often residents do not understand the importance of correct ventilation in the properties, and without realising it they can even create the poor air quality in their own dwelling, and the higher relative humidity levels, which may ultimately lead to mould growth.

Some may even tape up ventilation grills as they don’t like to “feel the cold” especially as they perceive this wastes energy they are paying for.

Sacrificing the ability to exchange stale internal air with incoming fresh air can allow the build-up of carbon dioxide, and also moisture in the room, particulary whilst occupied.


The ThermaVent “Flow2One” Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator brings fresh air into a living room or bedroom, via fans pushing and pulling air through a 100mm (4”) diameter duct, which is mounted through an external wall. The same duct dimension as a traditional axial wall mounted fan.

The Flow2One pre-warms the fresh incoming air by way of a plate heat exchanger, an almost energy free solution.
The filters also trap dust and  pollen, and a reversing feature automatically operates for a few minutes every 24 hours to clear the unit of dust by removing  it to the outside.

Unlike most traditional axial wall or window glass mounted fans, which tend to use inefficient AC motors, the Flow2One incorporates two fans with DC motors (onboard conversion from 230v AC supply). The unit only uses a total 1.9W at lower, or 2.7W of power at higher extraction setting, so costs approx. 2 pence of electricity per 24 hours when in continuous use, based on current energy tariffs in the UK of 34p per kW.

Installation is similar to a traditional bathroom fan, a 4 inch/100 mm circular duct through the wall, and a fused 230v AC electrical supply. The Flow2One is supplied complete with an external rain shield. A remote control is included for the resident to switch on/off or change fan speed.

Housing Associations can purchase the Flow2One from ThermaVent, with discounts available for volume.




Image © ThermaVent