Why it’s time to digitalise your fire door inspections

Fire doors are an integral part of your building’s fire safety. They can stop the spread of smoke and fire, but they can only do this if they are compliant and inspected regularly. Now that the new fire safety regulations have come into effect, it’s more important than ever to keep up to date with fire door inspections, with quarterly and yearly checks.

Fire door inspections involve checking every element of the doorset, from the door itself to the hardware. Every part of your fire door could have an impact on effectiveness and compliance, meaning inspection reports need to be thorough and comprehensive.

However, most reports are usually presented in lengthy Excel sheets or PDFs that can be difficult to understand, too time-consuming to read and leave you unable to quickly assess what doors need replacing.

With the amount of information and recommendations that a detailed inspection report generates, going digital with your fire door inspections will help you stay compliant and in control of all fire doors within your premises.

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Cloud-based documentation
After the Grenfell tragedy, it is now the duty of the responsible person to put in place and maintain the golden thread of information, which was introduced to focus ‘on the need to implement a more collaborative process of sharing information about high-rise residential buildings’. Having a golden thread means keeping easily accessible, reliable, accurate and up-to-date information.

Essentially, this golden thread of building information must be stored digitally and securely. It should serve as the definitive source of information for a building, accessible to those who require it for their tasks, exactly when needed, and presented in a usable format.

By using a digital portal to record all your door inspections, you can store information for every aspect of the report and keep clear records of when the door was last inspected.

You can access all of the reports and inspection notes via Fireco’s online DorTrak portal.

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Save time and have peace of mind
In light of the new legal requirements, the responsible person could find it challenging to maintain fire doors across multiple sites.

Many report formats don’t include key information such as door certification, ratings and detailed reviews of door gaps. Reports that are overly complicated can make understanding and processing the data quite difficult. Ideally, you want this information to be passed on to an accredited company so that they can help provide options to improve compliance.

By having a digital solution, all the information from your reports is stored in one place, with a clear record of when you need to carry out your next inspection.

If you are struggling with lengthy reports, digitalising your fire door inspections can save you time and give you peace of mind. Fireco offers a fully certified inspection service complete with digital reporting using our tailor-made software, DorTrak.

Designed after consulting with inspectors and clients
Fireco developed DorTrak software after consulting with customers and inspectors. The goal was to enhance door inspections and provide clear, comprehensive data for third-party quotes. Previously, reports were impractical, using basic photos and lacking essential data. DorTrak transformed this by enabling users to access and enlarge detailed images and floorplans in one place.

DorTrak drills down to the details of the door. It meticulously examines all door components, from seals to hardware, ensuring no detail is overlooked during inspections.

The software allows every inspection stage to be exported and printed as concise summary reports, making it the perfect way to digitalise your door inspections. DorTrak helps users understand reports and receive guidance on necessary door replacements while ensuring building compliance and occupant safety all the way.

Digitalise your fire door inspections with DorTrak
Fireco can cover every aspect of your fire door management, from inspection, measuring up, supply and installation, as well as handling all your regular inspections.  

To find out how we can help you with your fire door inspections, click here to request a quote or call us today on 01273 320650.


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