dormakaba door closer solutions for shared dwellings and sheltered housing


The new dormakaba TS 97 FL is a power-adjustable, free swing door closer that allows for easy occupant movement and can be combined with a smoke detector system to act as a hold open device for fire doors.

door closer

The TS 97 FL Door Closer enables the door to swing freely during daily use, so even children, the elderly and people with disabilities have no problem in passing through. When hard wired with a Part 1 smoke alarm, the unit can be applied to fire doors. On activation of the fire alarm or a power failure the TS 97 FL will close the fire door automatically, ensuring the fire door performs as required in the event of a fire.  

dormakaba also offer this solution with an integrated smoke sensor and power supply, to offer a fail-safe solution for areas without a fire alarm - the TS 97 FLR-K. The unit also offers the option to wire in two additional RM-N smoke sensors if required. Should either the integral smoke sensor, or any additional sensors detect smoke, or if there is a power cut, the TS 97 FLR-K will close the door.

The TS 97 FL and TS 97 FLR EN3-6 are suitable for doors up to 1400mm wide, are CE marked to BS EN1155 and Certifire Approved.

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