Vortice launches compact centralised ventilation unit

Vortice Limited is delighted to introduce the new Vort Platt HCS, compact centralised ventilation unit into its range. Vortice understands that maintaining a good indoor air quality especially in student accommodation is paramount and has therefore launched the Vort Platt HCS to address many of these requirements.

Vortice cntralised ventilation unit

Ventilation unit for the commercial and residential sector

Suitable for a kitchen and two additional wet rooms, this ERP compliant unit is of slimline profile, fitting easily into many void spaces and is self-balancing, therefore installation will be quicker and easier. The Vort Platt HCS also has adjustable humidity sensors which will boost when the relative humidity in the room exceeds a certain level, maintaining a comfortable and healthy internal environment for occupants.
Vortice Sales Manager Paul Gunner said: “We are excited to add the Vort Platt HCS to the existing range of centralised units we offer. This unit will be a big success not only in the commercial but the residential sector also.”
For more information on the Vort Platt HCS or other centralised mechanical units in the range including technical data and performance curves, visit the Vortice website