Introducing the new Titon HRV Cool Plus™

cool plusTiton announces the launch of the HRV Cool Plus™, specifically designed to provide cooling in warmer weather conditions and tackle residential overheating.

Titon’s HRV Cool Plus™ is engineered to seamlessly integrate into heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) systems, delivering cooling and filtered air to enhance user comfort. With its integrated cooling module, the cutting-edge unit pre-cools incoming fresh air during warmer months, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.

Providing up to 3.3kW total cooling capacity (subject to volume flow and relative humidity), it ensures optimal performance even in demanding conditions, and with two mounting options available: either wall or floor mounting, it offers flexibility to suit any installation requirement.

The installation process is straightforward with minimal maintenance requirements with a fully sealed refrigerant heat pump with coil and fin heat exchangers akin to a fridge or freezer, ensuring proven reliability.

The remarkably compact size allows installation below the ceiling in utility rooms allowing enough space to accommodate other appliances underneath such as washing machines or tumble dryers.

The HRV Cool Plus™ was developed in response to increasing overheating issues where standard ventilation is not possible under the Approved Document O (ADO) guidelines.  ADO advises mechanical cooling may only be used where it is not possible to remove sufficient heat from the indoor environment without it.

In addition, HRV Cool Plus™ is supported by a CIBSE-accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course on Part O and overheating, providing knowledge and support addressing issues related to overheating.

"We are thrilled to introduce Titon’s HRV Cool Plus™ and make good indoor air quality a priority. Overheating in homes can pose various risks, including heat stress, dehydration, and an increase of poor health conditions" said James Fisher, Commercial Director at Titon. "The Titon HRV Cool Plus™ not only enhances user comfort but also provides optimised temperatures especially within new build properties to combat overheating issues.”

Alarmingly it is estimated that over 4,500 people died* in the UK in 2022 due to high temperatures, the largest on record in recent years.  

By incorporating designs equipped with a cooling module option, all potential scenarios can be accommodated, ensuring the prioritisation of people's thermal comfort and health.

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Image © Titon