Maintenance business “Uberizes” its property repair services

DW Support Services, a leader in responsive property repair services, has “Uberized” its real-time customer communications by adopting last-mile location and messaging technology. DW is a leader in responsive repairs and it is vital to keep innovating and updating its services to meet continually rising consumer expectations. It selected  Localz technology to enhance its current communications processes, incorporating “Uber-style” tracking capabilities that consumers are starting to demand given their experience from services in other sectors

DW, part of Fastflow Group, provides property repair services to social landlords. Working mainly with large housing associations, DW provides responsive repairs to approximately 55,000 homes each year and prides itself on putting the customer at the centre of its business model - and has partnered with Localz due to its like-minded approach. Localz has already rolled out several successful projects within the housing sector, including Clarion Housing, PH Jones, and in partnership with Castleton Technology. 

DW property repair services man and van

Customer choices and views are at the heart of DW’s service. By incorporating Localz real-time tracking and two-way communication for end-customers, DW will enhance the customer experience it provides, but will also make efficiency savings and will enjoy a competitive edge in the repairs contractor market. Using Localz technology DW, its clients and end-customers will benefit from:

  • Automated communications including accurate “on my way” ETA notifications for customers, which will increase first-time access rates; 
  • Real-time operative tracking will bring added convenience and reassurance for customers, and will reduce inbound ETA query calls; 
  • Two-way communication via SMS will enhance the existing ways customers get in touch and make it super-convenient for them to pass important last-mile details directly to their assigned operative; 
  • Automated post-job customer feedback requests will enable DW to continue delivering excellent customer experience, and to measure continually improving customer satisfaction levels; 
  • Real-time dashboard will show back-office teams the live location of each operative, their daily job progress, and ETA at next destination.

Alan Elliott, DW’s head of Responsive Repairs: “We are expecting to see some fantastic benefits from Localz for our clients, their tenants, and also for our own employees. Implementing Localz will make our end-customers' lives easier, will reduce call wait times, and increase first-time access rates - all the while improving the overall customer experience for tenants. DW will now also be able to give customers a real-time view of progress for repairs at their property; a service that is already available across many other industries. We want to be seen as working smarter, being innovative, and giving mutual benefits to our clients, customers and our teams.”

“It's fantastic to see DW leading the way with adopting technology that will enable them to deliver more customer-centric services. Working with Localz, DWSS will not only add a competitive edge when it comes to winning and retaining contracts but will also see efficiency gains from better first-time access and a reduction in ETA query calls. We are seeing a growing appetite for our services in the housing sector - from contractors, their clients, and from landlords with in-house repairs teams,” said Paul Swannell, Sales Director at Localz.
Consumer expectations will continue to change and grow over the coming years so it is vital to ensure that your approach to communications is customer-centric – click to find out more

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