Sustainable solution for Ecohome in Kent

The resounding message to new Government is clear - we need affordable, well designed and energy efficient homes that address the significant issues of fuel poverty and climate change. Sustainable building methods and renewable energy are pivotal in delivering a sustainable solution.
We live in a time where people are beginning to wake up to the threat of climate change. Something must be done. Increased onus now rightly resides on housebuilders to deliver sustainable and energy efficient homes as part of the greater effort to reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption and waste as an industry. These environmental considerations will transform how our buildings are constructed, what materials are used and which methods are employed.
With this in mind, Housing Association Magazine spoke with Green Life Buildings, who provide materials to build modern, energy efficient, sustainable and affordable homes. The new start-up will shortly be suppling their first M2 Advanced Building System, which meets passive house standards, to a new family home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The client for GLB’s innovative Advanced Building System and panels will be JVIP, Joint Ventures in Property, an experienced property developer who for 17 years have sought out sustainable building methods to create high-quality homes that respect the environment. GLB's Advanced Building System will reduce CO2 up to 40% in construction and up to 65% once occupied.


The Emmedue Building System constructs buildings that achieve high levels of energy efficiency which conform to energy efficiency regulations. This is thanks to the insulating envelope provided by its polystyrene core which eliminates thermal bridges and ducts within the panels. It also provides noticeable improvements in indoor thermal comfort by greatly reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable development strategies as established by analysis on a prototype that show a reduction in carbon emissions when compared to traditional buildings.
A super energy-efficient house built without bricks and mortar and completed in less than half the time needed for a traditional build is a big step for British construction in 2020!
Currently delivering over 120 homes in Kent, developer JVIP were looking for a workable solution for this plot that has narrow, awkward access. Designed to accommodate a 1-storey family home, this is where Green Life Building’s M2 versatile sandwich panels and Advanced Building System come into their own. Instead of a constant stream of trucks delivering traditional building materials, one truck from Green Life Buildings supply all the panels and other components to create a comfortable, thermally efficient home. What’s more, with no need for a crane or other heavy machinery, the entire house will be completed from foundation to watertight structure in just six weeks in the spring of 2020.
JVIP CEO Peter Dabner said “As a part of the Green Life Building system’s initial launch, we look forward to showcasing this property to our investors and interested landowners. Energy-efficient development is a core part of our ethos and we are pleased to be utilising the M2 Advanced Building System for this property”.
Green Life Building Panels are produced using the EMMEDUE Technology, can be made to work with any design.  The integral Fire, Acoustic and Thermal resistance built in by default allow the building fabric to work with designers to provide a beautiful home that doesn't cost the earth. It is a Modern Method of Construction (MMC) that provides value and quality.  Simple to use in basic form it can be dressed to represent any finish from brick to timber or render as standard.
35 years of know-how from EMMEDUE of Italy provides the accuracy of factory manufacturing with on-site installation and finishing.  Any design with any finish is possible.  The Green Life Building panel factory will produce up to 2000 m2 of panel per shift per day (or the equivalent of 4 GLB 4bed homes per day) to support the delivery of UK homes.
To find out how to build faster, more affordably and with a smaller carbon footprint, go to the Green Life Building website. Arrange a visit to GLB’s Corby factory where company Managing Director Chris Williams will be happy to show you GLB’s manufacturing processes.