Why you should take a closer look at lightweight metal roofing systems….

In these difficult times, it’s important to look at your options when making a decision on which type of roof to use on new build or replacement roofing projects and to consider why it is that many social housing organisations are switching to using lightweight metal roofing systems for a number of their projects.

The list of benefits that come with using steel roofing panels is a long one and its one that needs careful consideration before going with more expensive options. Can these lightweight metal roofing systems be cost effective and easy to fit, as well as looking good?

These roofing systems – the best known ones come from Metrotile - are perfect options for residential and commercial properties – are widely used for social housing developments up and down the country, and on supermarkets, leisure centres, schools and colleges, on conservatories, park homes, for vertical cladding and even on glamping pods – they are hugely versatile.

metal roofing

And aesthetically pleasing too. Steel roofing tiles look every bit as effective as traditional slate and tile roofs – coming as they do in a range of finishes - that from ground level are almost indistinguishable from traditional options. And you can even specify metal tiles with solar panels incorporated in them if required.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that come with lightweight metal roofing systems. The first clue is in the name – lightweight. Weighing in at around one seventh the weight of traditional roofing materials, they offer weight bearing benefits, and just imagine the transport benefits of using these lightweight metal tiles – you can transport seven times as many tiles on a truck and they offer significant safety benefits on site. Transporting these tiles sees far less CO2 generated during transport as well, adding to its reputation as a far more environmentally friendly option.

Once on site - or in the factory for modular construction projects - these metal tiles are simplicity itself to install. There is a technique to installation, but the tiles can be hand nailed into battens to provide a quick and easy to learn option for any competent installer for their construction projects. Downloadable installation guides and detailed, easy to understand You Tube videos on how to install lightweight metal tiles are available online.

And the safety aspects of working with lightweight metal roofing systems cannot be overstated. The weight of the tiles on site, the ease of moving them around the site and on the roof itself, it’s a perfect option for transport and loading and off-loading. The finished roofs are highly fire resistant and can even slow down the rate of spread of fires because of their construction. The roofs are also vandal proof and can withstand heavy footfall making them safe and durable, for options from schools and leisure centres to park homes and conservatories.

metal roofing

Any organisation wanting a new way of providing roofing for their projects is looking for low maintenance as part of the deal. And lightweight metal roofing offers that. Available with a 40-year weatherproofing guarantee – that’s the best in the sector - and highlights the longevity of this easy to install, good looking roofing option.

And in the current climate when building materials need to be eco-friendly, you are working with a product that is 100% recyclable as well. Almost too good to be true.

What about price? The size of metal roofing tiles compared to traditional ones means the price per metre squared tends to be much lower for metal tiles. In addition to the purchase price, the ease of installation sees a massive saving on installation time and project costs over traditional roofs.

Lightweight metal roofing systems come with all the certificates and quality marks - ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, BBA, CE Mark, BIM and 3D Renders, fire ratings, CPD seminars, training, risk analysis – they are the bees knees when it comes to making them easy to specify and install.

It’s time to take a closer look at the options available for your projects - to find out more about Metrotile’s range of lightweight roofing products, call today on 01249 658 514 or use the contact form on the website at www.metrotile.co.uk for a quick response.