From the roof to the road - a one stop shop for energy efficient homes

With insight from BRE1 highlighting over half (54%) of consumers would prefer to buy or rent a home that had a ‘sustainability stamp of approval’, the growth in renewable technologies, is set to continue.

Here, Dan Redfern, Marketing Manager at Marley, looks at the variety of renewable solutions available to help housing associations build compliant and desirable homes.

The need to make the nation’s housing stock more energy efficient is pivotal in our move towards net zero by 2050.

The introduction of the Future Homes Standard next year will outline all new homes built from 2025 will need to produce 75-80% less carbon emissions than homes delivered under the old regulations. As a result, social housing providers will be responsible for ensuring new homes are specified and constructed to be highly energy efficient, use low carbon heating solutions, and are zero carbon ready.


The sustainability journey
As housing associations make strategic decisions to ensure they comply with existing building regulations - while also preparing for the Future Homes Standard - it is important they are fully aware of the array of renewable technology solutions available that deliver increased energy efficiency.

A primary example is solar PV roofing systems, which can reduce carbon emissions and offer reduced energy bills for residents.

Following the implementation of Part L, we are seeing specifiers already recognise that solar PV on the roofscape, together with an energy efficient boiler or heat pump, is the quickest and most cost-effective way to meet the carbon reduction targets. Yet looking ahead, we expect to see a wider renewables package specified.

Propelling this is increased energy costs, which is seeing residents turn to housing providers to offer solutions to help reduce energy usage and increase efficiencies, such as home battery storage solutions. The use of these technologies is also expected to grow, especially for homes which can supplement a rooftop solar PV system. This allows end users to optimise and store energy from a sustainable source via the roof, giving residents peace of mind and increased energy independence.

The importance of a full roof system
For those charged with specifying a complete roof solution, the Marley full roof system can also deliver clear benefits. Tried and tested to work together seamlessly, it includes underlay, clay or concrete tiles, fixings, accessories, fire barriers, Marley SolarTile® and ArcBox - and the complete system comes with the reassurance of a 15-year warranty.

A full roof system approach ensures every property roof is fully compatible with current regulations and reduces the risk of inferior product substitution that can compromise roof performance over the long-term.


A renewable energy package
Meeting sustainability objectives will be an area of growing focus for housing associations, yet solar PV is just one solution. Instead, housing associations are prioritising newly built homes that provide a complete renewable energy package to help safeguard tenants against future price volatility and dependence on the grid.

With increasing time and supply chain pressures, many housing associations are moving away from working with a multitude of suppliers for the varied components needed for a high performing and sustainable roof, instead opting for a single supplier. This is also mirrored by those charged with addressing the overall energy efficiency of the homes they’re constructing - from the roof, through to the road. Seeking manufacturers and suppliers who can offer a ‘one stop shop’ solution that includes other low carbon technologies such as EV chargers, batteries, and inverters, for ultimate supply chain convenience.

The inclusion of renewable technology solutions as part of the house build will mean that residents can take advantage of sustainable solutions that can make a real difference and housing associations can satisfy current and coming regulations whilst meeting the ongoing demand for more energy efficient solutions.

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