A uniform framework for investigating reported damp and mould

We recognise the Ombudsman is calling for a fresh attitude to dealing with the prevailing issues and adds moving from a ‘blame’ to ‘responsibility’ culture as a key directive.

The Property MOT® flexible surveying platform answers the call for a proactive response demonstrating change and meaningful support for residents with fact-based resolutions.

The uniform framework has been developed to be undertaken by trained and certified persons via a support based licensed application resulting in the issuance of Certifications for property conditions alongside any pertinent Advisories.

A certifiable adaptive process with distinguished expert support

In line with Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, a property should be deemed fit for human habitation for occupants at the commencement of and during a lease period.


With a user-friendly system at your fingertips and an empowered workforce, the proactive solution ensures a BETTER DECISION MAKING process resulting in COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS.


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