healthy homes

healthy homes

As we drive towards reducing our carbon footprint, the inference to insulate Britain is a topical encounter. However, it should be understood how this status could be met with such a myriad of dwelling periods and styles throughout the United Kingdom.

Similar constructions built in opposing ends of the country can and do, behave differently due to their geographical location and indeed, their orientation. This therefore makes the process of insulating homes a more complex issue such that, without due understanding and individual assessments of each dwelling, we will have to be mindful of Ventilating Britain.

IoT technology

Commencing on Thursday 26th May, Aico will host five conferences, examining the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create healthier and safer homes.

With the uptake of technology rapidly increasing within the housing sector, these events will explore the benefits of IoT and how it contributes to resident wellbeing, indoor environmental health, sustainable buildings, and the transition to net zero.

Keynote speaker, Professor Tim Sharpe, Head of Architecture at Strathclyde University, will discuss how the push to net zero is one of the greatest and most important challenges faced by society, and why the potential negative effects it can have on indoor environmental health should also be considered.


We recognise the Ombudsman is calling for a fresh attitude to dealing with the prevailing issues and adds moving from a ‘blame’ to ‘responsibility’ culture as a key directive.

The Property MOT® flexible surveying platform answers the call for a proactive response demonstrating change and meaningful support for residents with fact-based resolutions.

The uniform framework has been developed to be undertaken by trained and certified persons via a support based licensed application resulting in the issuance of Certifications for property conditions alongside any pertinent Advisories.



Wednesday 9th June saw the success of the virtual event, ‘What Makes a Healthy Home?’ powered by Aico | HomeLINK. The event aimed to create thought-provoking discussion regarding the current standards and legislation that contribute to creating safe homes for residents and the resulting impact on the social housing sector.

In attendance were close to 300 professionals, thought-leaders and decision-makers from across the industry to hear from keynote speakers, Dr Stephen Battersby, Vice President at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Dorota Pawlowski, Managing Associate at Trowers and Hamlins LLP. With interactive polls, dedicated question and answer sessions with keynote speakers and networking opportunities, the conference empowered the discussion of prevalent issues within the UK housing sector.


damp management - an academic carries out a survey

A collaboration between a national trade body and academia has developed a working formula which could transform damp management in homes.

The Property Care Association (PCA) and the University College London Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (UCL IEDE) are carrying out a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to look into the issue of moisture in buildings.