Air purifying paint which meets the highest fire resistant classification

Ensuring that materials used on buildings are fire resistant is more important than ever, especially for residential buildings above 18m (11m in Scotland) in height, where UK building regulations now require the use of incombustible materials that resist the spread of fire.

KEIM silicate paints are fire resistant to the highest Euronorm classification (EN13501-1), with a classification of A2-s1, d0, ideal for specifiers, contractors, housing associations and councils involved with decoration and refurbishment of high rise buildings in the UK, to ensure compliance with current fire regulations.

There are two key reasons why KEIM mineral paints can meet this classification.

Firstly, KEIM paints are made solely from minerals, including feldspar, earth oxide pigments and a potassium silicate based binder, with no petrochemicals in their composition.  All of these materials are naturally non-combustible, and have been used as ingredients in KEIM paints since 1878.

Secondly, KEIM mineral paints form a permanent bond with the underlying substrate (by penetration of the potassium silicate binder which then crystallises to form the bond), this bond is not broken by the action of fire, which prevents delamination of the paint.

Conventional paint manufacturers use petrochemicals, synthetic resins and acrylics to make their paint products.  These materials are inherently combustible, which can lead to spread of fire and smoke.


KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd have recently been involved in the refurbishment of three 17 storey residential apartment blocks in Coventry, Falkener House, Meadow House and Longfield House, which were originally constructed in 1968 to provide council accommodation.

Leicester based Elhance Limited, who specialise in cladding and roofing installation and repair, contacted KEIM to provide a fire resistant paint coating.  Bryan Roe, Senior Sales Executive of KEIM Mineral Paints, visited site and produced a comprehensive specification, to include removal of extensive moss and algae, a thorough spray clean, and application of the fire resistant KEIM Soldalit-ME system.   

KEIM Soldalit-ME was specified due to its A2-s1, d0 fire classification, its longevity, and its photocatalytic nature.  

Fire classification:  The A2 part of the classification means the materials are ‘non-combustible.’  The ‘s1’ element relates to smoke propagation during the first ten minutes of exposure, with KEIM Soldalit-ME producing ‘little or no smoke.’ The final part, the ‘d’ relates to flaming droplets and particles, with KEIM Soldalit-ME rated as ‘d0’ which certifies ‘none.’

Longevity:  With the cost of access a key issue when decorating high rise buildings, it was important to Elhance that they selected a paint system that would not require frequent redecoration and would not fade over time.  The KEIM Soldalit-ME system selected has been proven to offer these benefits, as evidenced by its use on the chimneys at Battersea Power Station (decorated in 2017) and has the additional benefit of high breathability (sd = 0.01m).

Photocatalytic Nature:  Photocatalytic mineral paints use light energy to neutralise pollution by the addition of the catalyst titanium dioxide. The photocatalytic reaction converts Nitrogen Oxides and other harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde into harmless nitrates.  The catalyst is not used up by the reaction and will continue to react for the life of the paint. The reaction also helps to breakdown organic material and contaminants, keeping surfaces cleaner for longer.  This was a key consideration given the excessive build-up of moss and algae on the existing surfaces of the three tower blocks.  

The facades will not require decoration for at least another 15 years.

KEIM Soldalit-ME is part of a full range of fire resistant products from KEIM, including both exterior and interior mineral paints, along with fire resistant renders, stone repair and concrete repair systems. KEIM products have more Cradle to Cradle (C2C) accreditations than any other paint manufacturer, and are provided with full certification and data sheets for complete transparency and accountability.

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