Fire Protection

fire door

British designed and manufactured, Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers are gaining increasing popularity for use on fire doors in high-rise flats, apartments and HMOs.
The door closers carry the UKCA mark and have been independently tested and proved to meet the requirements for one-hour and half-hour fire doors under BS EN 1634-1.
Totally concealed when the door is closed, Powermatic door closers are less susceptible to damage from vandalism or tampering. This gives them a significant advantage over surface mounted door closers when it comes to reliability of the fire door and maintenance costs, making them the right choice for both tenants and social landlords.
Unlike other jamb-mounted devices, Powermatic door closers facilitate a door’s compliance with the accessibility requirements of Approved Document M, are the only Certifire jamb-mounted door closer and do not have to be removed from the door to be adjusted.


Aico are delighted to announce the launch of their very own awards ceremony – the Community Awards.

Designed to recognise excellence within social housing and the local community, the Aico | HomeLINK Community Awards have 11 different categories, all of which are now open to entries, from College Initiative of the Year to the Rising Star Award, the Women in Fire Safety Award to the Best Distributor of the Year, including a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative award.

Entries close on Thursday 31st March 2022 with finalists announced in early April, ahead of the awards ceremony taking place in May. The inaugural ceremony will be held at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham with host George Clarke, architect, and TV presenter, renowned in the industry. With an evening of celebration, recognition, and entertainment, the Aico | HomeLINK Community Awards will celebrate the achievements of inspirational individuals and organisations working within social housing and the local community; innovating, demonstrating excellence, and putting people first.

balcony fires

Rochester-based balcony components manufacturer AliDeck made an important contribution last year to the national debate on fire safety in high-rise buildings with the publication of the Balcony Fires Report 2017 to 2020.
Collating data from UK Fire and Rescue Services on the prevalence and causes of balcony fires across the country, the report was shocking; at least 873 fires on balconies were recorded nationally across the period, with almost half of them caused by smoking materials such as carelessly discarded cigarettes.


passive fire protection

Siderise has launched a suite of new passive fire protection products specifically engineered for masonry facades, making it easy for specifiers and developers to choose the right protection for their buildings.

flame retardant

Fire safety remains the top priority in the design of safer, healthier social housing. The government has announced it will be getting tougher on those who fail to comply with fire safety regulations, such as imposing unlimited fines on anyone caught obstructing or impersonating a fire inspector, as well those who breach fire safety regulations under the Fire Safety Order.1

fire protection

Building owners and operators have always played a vital role in ensuring the fire safety of their properties. However, with the Fire Safety Act 2021 becoming law this April, the responsibilities of those managing multi-occupant residential buildings are now more stringently defined. It states that they are accountable for reducing fire risk of the structure and external walls, and any entry doors between flats and communal areas. Although we are still waiting for the updated guidance to be released, it is imperative that housing associations of all kinds get to work now to ensure the safety of their tenants, including ensuring effective passive fire protection.

fire and rescue

Aico are delighted to have been selected as a supplier on all categories of the West Midlands Fire Service Framework, which will shortly be available to all UK Fire & Rescue Services (subject to contract).

The West Midlands Fire Service Framework will facilitate the procurement of Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms for all UK Fire and Rescue Services (FRS), in a move towards the standardisation of requirements as outlined in regulations. As part of the supplier status, market-leading Aico will provide Smoke, Heat and CO alarms, including their technologically advanced, award-winning alarms for total protection.