Fire Protection

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FERRO is a premium range of highly durable and weather resistant external door blanks from leading brand Moralt.

Available in the UK from leading independent distributor, James Latham, the FERRO collection comprises some of the most robust external blanks currently available on the market.

Made from top-quality natural and engineered timbers, what sets FERRO blanks apart is that each one contains two thermally isolated solid steel stabilising bars in its core, helping to prevent bowing and warping.  


In the Autumn of 2023, door and window hardware manufacturer and fire door solutions systems house Winkhaus UK, are launching a range of timber and composite UKCA 3rd Party certified external fire doorset solutions. The launch follows an 18-month development, test and accreditation program, with the new range significantly increasing the scope of compliant fire doorset solutions for specifiers in social housing and residential new build.

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FireDNA is cloud-based Software and a Mobile App that has been developed for everyone involved in Passive Fire Product Manufacture, Installation, Inspection, Management and Maintenance. As well as for those that live and work within environments where passive fire products are installed, and have a crucial role to play in fire safety and prevention.

FireDNA software catalogues Manufacturers
product data, digitally shares it with Contractors and Installers, who in turn add their installation data, passing that onto Building Owners, Facilities Management Teams and Tenant Management Organisations.

That data can then be used by Building Control, Maintenance Teams, Fire Inspectors and viewed by Tenants and Residents alike, with a simple swipe of a smartphone or mobile device.

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Building Owners, Landlords, Tenant and Facilities Management Organisations, under new legislative guidance, have a duty of care for the fire strategy and compliance of their buildings.

The new Fire Safety Regulations 2022 come into force in just under 2 months time. This new legislation states that the buildings ‘responsible persons’ must deliver the necessary fire door information to all residents of multi-occupancy buildings.


With amended Part B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations coming into effect from 1st December 2022, fire protection solutions manufacturer, Advanced offers the ideal solution with its compliant evacuation alert system, EvacGo.

Published on 1st June 2022, the updated Part B of the Building Regulations has now made it mandatory for all new build residential buildings over 18m to have an evacuation alert system. An evacuation alert system is vital to help fire and rescue services inform residents of a change in evacuation strategy during an incident. This gives fire and rescue services an additional tool to use on the ground, alongside existing methods of evacuation, improving safety for residents.


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Fire safety is an important consideration in the building industry, and everyone involved in construction or property management should choose materials and processes to help prevent fires. This is especially important in multi-tenanted buildings like apartment complexes and retirement/nursing homes, where a fire can quickly spread and put lives at risk.

Many people don’t realise that most entrance mats are not flame-retardant, meaning they can fuel a fire and spread it around the building more quickly. Most building operators and landlords know the risks and will ask tenants to remove mats that aren’t classified as flame-retardant. Learn more about Flame-Retardant Entrance Mats with this guide provided by First Mats.


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FrameFit is a brand-new, innovative, fire-rated, and fully tested system that solves a very common but serious problem with fire doors – excessive gaps between leaf and frame.

Current legislation states that fire doors with gaps of over 4mm between leaf and frame must be reported by inspectors as non-compliant, but despite this, a recent survey by one of the UK’s leading industry bodies reported that 75% of fire doors in the UK are non-compliant, and 77% of those that are non-compliant failed due to excessive gaps of over 4mm between the leaf and frame. Non-compliant fire doors will fail a fire risk assessment. This poses a threat to building inhabitants as well as asset owners, as compliant fire doors are required for effective compartmentalisation of a building to help stop the spread of fire.