Effective roof solutions for a changing landscape

Revised standards and a new Government bill to better protect people living in social housing are putting a fresh onus on the correct product and system specification, including roofs.

Stuart Nicholson, Roof Systems Director from Marley, says working with a single source supplier that understands the implications and can collaborate to ensure regulatory compliance should be a strategic imperative for local authorities.


Part L of the Building Regulations ensures all new homes produce 31% lower carbon emissions. This is the precursor to the Future Homes Standard, which demands that all new homes are specified and constructed to be highly energy efficient, use low carbon heating solutions, and be zero carbon ready.

This is just one of several measures and policy interventions being implemented to underpin efforts to future-proof and improve the UK’s housing stock.

Others include:

•    Revisions to important standards, such as BS 5250, regarding the management of moisture in buildings
•    The introduction of the government’s Social Housing Regulation Bill, which gives the Regulator of Social Housing stronger powers to issue unlimited fines to social housing landlords, enter properties with only 48 hours’ notice and make emergency repairs

Now, more than ever, local authorities must ensure that their supply chain provides reassurance and easy access to the solutions needed to meet these demands.


How solar can help meet Part L changes
Solar PV, combined with an efficient gas boiler, is an easy and cost-effective way for local authority specifiers to meet the new Part L carbon reduction targets.

The latest integrated PV roof systems are visually appealing, cost-effective, and easy to install. They can be installed simultaneously with the rest of the roof tiles without a specialist contractor.

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Roof fire protection assurance
Offering reassurance about protection from roof fires should be a key factor in local authority specification choices.
All newly constructed homes must have specified fire protection measures to delay the spread of fire and allow crucial time to escape.

Marley’s Roof Defence fire barrier system is a simple-to-install and fully fire-protective solution that achieves up to a 60-minute fire rating.

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Getting roofing ventilation right
When it comes to underlay, local authority specifiers should ensure they include some form of supplementary low- and high-level ventilation to comply with the revisions to BS 5250:2021 to prevent the risk of condensation build-up.


Single source strategy for a changing landscape
The best way for local authorities to deliver safety, accountability and energy efficiency benefits is to specify a fully tested complete roof system. Marley’s full roof system offers a 15-year warranty. It includes JB Red battens, underlay, tiles or slates, fixings, accessories, Roof Defence fire barrier, and optional sustainable energy generation via integrated solar PV.

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By taking a considered technical view of full and integrated roofing solutions, local authorities can underpin their ongoing tenant duty of care and access several benefits with the knowledge that the complete roofing system they have specified will stand the test of time and deliver long-term lifecycle cost efficiencies.