Letterbox security solutions

Social housing providers are just one of a wide range of organisations that have warmed to the latest solution to letterbox security from Midlands-based Blockabox. Others taking up the options on the new solution include UK Fire and Rescue Services, Police Forces and wider landlord businesses keen on stopping residential and commercial properties from being targeted  by arson attacks, anti-social behaviour and nuisance and unsolicited mail dropping through doors of void properties and causing potential fire hazards.


The solution is, like most excellent ideas, quite simple and can be fitted in around three minutes. It’s two 3mm Aluminium blanking plates with a 3mm fire retardant foam seal, a range of  6 bolts and flush securing nuts and an Allen key to fix it in place. The existing letterbox simply needs to be removed and the blanking plates fixed either side of the door securely keeping out post, petrol and other flammable liquids which are increasingly finding their way inside empty homes and premises followed by a lit match that can result in huge damage and danger to life.

Fitting the solution requires no specialist equipment and avoids permanent damage to both the door, it’s mechanism and the attached door furniture.

And this novel new product comes in a range of sizes – a standard 320mm x 75mm which covers 98% of all post boxes in homes, a larger 390mm x 110mm version for the larger post boxes found on larger and older buildings in the main including many commercial premises and not to forget those larger holes in doors that we provide for our ‘moggies’ to gain easy entrance – there’s also a cat flap blocker version available that will make sure entrance to the property is totally secured from anyone with malign intentions.

Blockabox has been designed and produced in the UK by Andrew Pickersgill, a retired Operational Fire Services manager who developed the product based on evidence and experiences gathered through a thirty year career of front line operational fire fighting working for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service: “I developed the product to reduce the risk to the public from anti-social behaviour and arson attacks which are sadly on the increase in the UK. I have witnessed first-hand the devastation and damage these types of incident cause and I felt compelled to develop a product that would help to address this issue,” he said.  

Blockabox has been awarded a place on the NFCC National Framework Agreement to Supply and Deliver Safe and Well Equipment to all UK Fire and Rescue Services let by the Lead Authority West Midlands Fire Service – Lot 3 Home Fire Safety Equipment pending contracts being signed.

Blockabox is an ideal protection for unoccupied or void properties and is designed to fit the majority of door types and letter plate openings. The solution comes with all the required fittings and its re-useable – so it can be used over and over again.

“The initial response to the solution has been phenomenal and we’re receiving enquiries on a daily basis from up and down the UK,” says Andrew Pickersgill. “It’s helped by its compact design that means it can be easily carried on front line fire appliances and carried by arson reduction teams to support fire and rescue service prevention activity. We’re pleased that it’s currently being used by members of the public, community protection and crime prevention officers to support vulnerable residents or properties that are particularly susceptible to anti-social behaviour or crime on a short or long term basis, without the concern of causing damage to external doors or their fixtures and fittings.”

Local authorities and Housing Associations are using Blockabox on a regular basis to secure voids or empty properties. This enhanced security not only protects their property portfolio – it also assists with achieving compliance of new GDPR regulations and clauses set out within insurance policies regarding the management of combustibles that could lead to a fire.

For more information on Blockabox head for the website, email: HASales@blockabox.co.uk or call 07920 058408.