Low maintenance and high performance to keep costs down and tenant comfort up


Housing associations under pressure to make budgets work harder and ensure tenant satisfaction with the properties they provide and maintain, should consider the installation, performance, sustainability, aesthetic, and cost benefits of low maintenance PVC-U solutions for both exterior and internal living spaces. Hazel Verschuere, building products director from Deeplas explains more.

With over 1500 housing associations in operation in the UK, responsible for two million homes that provide safe and secure living spaces for five million people*, the importance of the role of housing associations cannot be underestimated.

And, as their funding models put the onus on housing associations to ensure the support and services they provide are operationally and financially effective, whilst at the same time delivering high levels of tenant comfort and satisfaction, it is important that specification choices take account of several factors.  These include upfront cost, ongoing material performance, aesthetics, and ease of installation and maintenance.

With pressure on to ensure that budgets are optimised, and resources deployed as efficiently as possible, making the correct choices for both internal and external building product solutions should be a priority.

Deeplas has a long tradition of delivering a range of sustainable, cost effective, and high performing PVC-U product options that can assist housing associations with their operational, budgetary, and tenant comfort objectives.

From solutions for the external building fabric that encompass cladding, fencing and the roofline, to aesthetically pleasing, quality manufactured, and low maintenance product styles to enhance internal spaces, Deeplas offers an optimal ‘one stop shop’ solution for housing association specifiers who demand guaranteed performance over the long-term combined with attractive aesthetics.

External spaces
Roofline solutions.  It is vital that all components of the roofline work effectively to ensure the highest standards of building protection, as well as kerbside appeal.  Deeplas’ range of fascia boards, capping boards, vented soffit boards, and hollow soffit boards, as well as roofline and window trims, are manufactured using sustainably created dense PVC-U extrusions guaranteed for many years of superior performance.  Available in a range of attractive colour options, the quality driven components help protect roofscapes, reduce maintenance commitments (when compared to other material choices), and deliver a long-lasting, cost-effective solution.


Cladding solutions.  The installation of cladding on external walls can be an ideal budget-conscious method to update or restore the external appearance of buildings, and, at the same time, improve the thermal efficiency of the dwelling.  

Deeplas’ Twinson 100% recyclable cladding solution combines wood and PVC-U and is becoming increasingly popular as a way of enhancing both the aesthetic appeal of homes and help tenants benefit from energy efficiency improvements.


  At a time of escalating energy bills, the use of a cladding material that boasts better thermal insulation properties than brick, concrete, or timber, is one that should be seriously considered.  Like the roofline solutions, Twinson’s external cladding is highly durable, weather resistant and requires little or no maintenance once installed.  It can help housing association’s use external repair and maintenance resources more effectively.

Composite fencing solutions.  The pandemic has demonstrated the wish of people to fully use all their home spaces as a way of maintaining health and mental wellbeing.  Outdoor spaces such as gardens have become increasingly important as a safe and secure place in which to relax and revitalise spirits.


Deeplas’ composite fencing is a stylish and easy to install fencing solution to revolutionise garden spaces and create a contemporary look and feel to delight tenants.  It is also an environmentally friendly choice as it is manufactured from 75% recycled materials. Providing a 20-year guarantee and needing little or no maintenance, composite fencing can be an ideal and cost-effective replacement for timber fence panels that inevitably deteriorate over time and require attention or even costly replacement.

Installing the lightweight composite fence panels is straightforward and can be used with existing posts.  With proven strength and a pleasing wood finish aesthetic, composite fencing is a durable long-term solution for housing associations looking to create appealing and affordable outdoor spaces for tenants.

Indoor living
Getting properties ready for new tenants can put pressure on housing associations to meet construction or renovation timescales.  For indoor spaces, the ability to provide attractive and hard-wearing PVC-U alternatives to traditional timber-led solutions for skirting and architrave – which are also quicker to install – can help make a positive contribution when dealing with looming deadlines.

Deeplas’ Roomline PVC-U skirting and architrave solutions require no painting, staining, or sanding and can be rapidly installed. Manufactured as a hollow PVC-U extrusion, the skirting and architraves are tough enough to withstand myriad knocks and scrapes and can be cleaned with a simple wipe to alleviate all maintenance requirements going forward. 

A range of colour choices mean numerous specification options are available to specification teams looking to deliver the right aesthetics for tenants.


Shower panels.  Alongside the kitchen, many people focus on the look and functionality of bathrooms as an important part of their living space experience.  

Deeplas’ extensive range of shower panels have been designed specifically to fit modern 900mm width shower trays. With no grouting required, they are a quick and easy way to provide a high-quality finish to any bathroom.  The absence of grouting means that potential problems associated with mould growth are removed and maintenance needs are drastically reduced.


Available in a range of colours and finish options, the panel range ensures there are a multitude of design choices to enhance all shower and bathroom interiors. Deeplas shower panels are 100% lead free and have a five-year guarantee, giving a perfect finish that will last.

Housing associations, tasked with creating attractive, low-cost living accommodation solutions, are obligated to ensure that product specification supports their overall objectives when it comes to tenant comfort and satisfaction, performance over the long-term, cost effectiveness, and ongoing repair and maintenance needs.   

Deeplas’ range of external and internal PVC-U solutions offers sustainable, guaranteed, high performing answers that combine aesthetic appeal with whole lifecycle cost efficiencies.  With low to no maintenance and ease of installation, such solutions can deliver for the long-term and help impact time, cost, and internal resource implications when it comes to reducing the property void time between tenants. 

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* OurProperty.co.uk