Maximise performance for windows and doors

Specifications designed to deliver windows and doors that stand the test of time with little or no maintenance are being routinely undermined because fasteners are being overlooked or simply left to chance, according to fenestration fastener specialist Rapierstar.


David Furness, MD at Rapierstar says: “Despite the great leaps forward made by window and door manufacturers in recent years in terms of enhancing security, fire protection and thermal and acoustic insulation, a performance gap will be inevitable if no attention is paid to the fastener choices. Fasteners must be right for the application and the correct grade of metal to suit the location of the properties – and that doesn’t just mean coastal locations.”
Fasteners play a vital structural role in a window or door, but they are susceptible to the effects of the weather and atmospheric conditions like any other metal component in a building envelope. Specifying austenitic stainless steel fasteners will offer an extended service life to avoid costly premature maintenance and tenant disruption.
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