Metrotile lightweight roofing: the alternative to traditional materials

For a number of years now, we have used the line ‘The Roof Tile Has Evolved’ in our advertising and branding. Metrotile isn’t just an alternative roofing tile – it’s the next evolutionary step. Roofing has evolved frequently as long as it’s been needed, and despite being a long way from widespread use of the thatched roof, living in the 21st century doesn’t mean that the design and materials of the roof should remain stagnant; there are certain alternative roofing materials that exceed the benefits of what can be expected from a roof tile.

lightweight roofing

If you ask a person on the street what they believe a ‘traditional’ roof material to be, they’d likely mention slate or concrete tiles, as they’ve been the mainstay of British rooftops for generations and with good reason. They look great, blending with the natural environment. They protect homes from the elements, keeping you secure in your living space. Unfortunately, they’re not perfect – there’s plenty of room for improvement. Here’s just a few of the ways Metrotile has so-called traditional roofing materials beaten:

• Reliability under pressure – It’s been just a few weeks since Storm Eunice caused disruption across the country, taking down trees, pylons and of course, roof tiles. Sadly, storms such as this are becoming more common. Fortunately, Metrotile roofs are tested against the most extreme of weather conditions, and don’t shift under winds significantly faster than the ones we experienced recently.

• Speed of installation – The UK has been trying to build its way out of a housing crisis, with innovative new ways to build homes quickly, such as modular/offsite building. Whatever the building conditions, Metrotile is perfect for any building site, weighing just one seventh of so-called traditional roof products with profile thickness starting at just .415mm! Easily moved around site, easily and rapidly installed and takes up significantly less storage space than the alternatives. Why choose any other roof tile?

 • Full roof security and insulation where you wouldn’t normally find it – The low weight of each Metrotile profile enables full roof security and insulation benefits on frames that can’t support weight of traditional products, such as timber frame outbuildings etc
• Flat to pitch conversions – Metrotile lightweight roofing can be installed to pitches as low as ten degrees, making it the perfect lightweight roof tile for flat to pitch conversions. We offer a full design service and on-site installation inspections all the way through the contract.

• Significantly reduced transportation requirements – why settle for higher transport costs in a time of rising fuel prices? ‘Traditional’ roof tiles are thick and heavy, requiring considerably more vehicles on the road just to get the products to site.

• Metrotile roofing needs so much less and, due to being pressed from the highest quality steel, aren’t prone to in-transport breakages.

• Also lowering your carbon footprint

lightweight roofing

One completion of the roof system as long as by an approved Metrotile contractor we will offer the 40 year warranty and a 10 years installation guarantee from the approved installer.

We have a full sales team covering the UK available to do a roof survey, specification either NBS or individual project specification.

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