National Fire Door Register by Door Data Systems is uniting the fire door industry in compliance

Described as ‘the most advanced system for management of fire doors on the market’, Door Data Systems is an innovative system enabling the recording and storage of key data attached to fire door processes, including inspections, maintenance, and installations. Those responsible for fire door safety can be certain that they are taking a responsible, forward-facing approach to improving the standards of building safety by specifying Door Data Systems and joining National Fire Door Register.

With the Fire Safety [England] Regulations 2022 coming into effect as of 23rd January 2023, it is paramount that Housing Associations can efficiently store and recall fire door information gathered during installation and maintenance and are able to evidence compliance.   

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Image: Door Data Systems is accessible via mobile application

With the continued need for digitisation and development within the fire door safety sector, Door Data Systems offers a comprehensive platform that stores and protects sensitive fire door information, enabling all stakeholders access to critical information about a fire door throughout its entire lifecycle.

Door Data Systems was developed by a cohort of industry professionals with the clear goal of designing a system to benefit the industry, promote higher safety standards, and guarantee better and more comprehensive record keeping. The continually evolving system stores and protects all maintenance and inspection records in an easily accessible digital format that supports the digitisation of the ‘Golden Thread’ of evidence.

fire doorsThe multiple records attached to each door are easily available, building a comprehensive and up-to-date bigger picture of fire doors that is accessible to the relevant professionals and Housing Associations, as well as ensuring compliance is evidenced and recorded, supporting higher standards of safety across the industry.

The innovative system is supported by the latest in NFC tagging and the platform works via both online and mobile applications. This automated system, supported by embedded door tags, enables Housing Associations to review inspections, prioritise works, assign contractors, issue work instructions, plan inspection regime and view compliance levels as well as completing stock condition surveys, add certifications, door part listings and manufacturers guides using the easy upload function.

Door Data Systems is a flexible, user-focused system that works for the benefit of industry professionals and housing associations, and for the safety of residents and property. As a national independent system, Door Data Systems has no bias to organisations or suppliers and the importance of open access to fire door safety information is the core of the business.

Jim Kerr, the Director of Door Data Systems, recently discussed the importance of free access to fire door safety information, stating that: “no one should own the data that keeps customers safe – and our easy app means that it is available throughout the lifetime of the door’.

Image: Photographic evidence of works can be uploaded on-site

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Image: Comprehensive user dashboard makes all information easily accessible for Housing Associations

This ensures that associations have quick and direct access to the safety records of all the doors that they are responsible for, as well as easily sharing the data to asset management platforms without any bias.

Door Data Systems’ platform offers an open and informative approach to fire door management that ensures that those responsible for fire door safety are able to effectively manage their stock and demonstrate a clear commitment to fire door safety and compliance.

To discover more about how Door Data Systems can be used to benefit your residents or associates, please get in touch via the Door Data Systems website or speak to Jim Kerr on 03301 330 679 or email