The Property MOT®: Certifying the health of a building

To meet disrepair challenges, uphold the Housing Ombudsman Reports and assist the Net Zero journey, an executive paper is now available discussing how this can be accomplished.

Certifying the health of a building will confirm the structural condition but, we need to ensure any defined improvements support the decarbonisation of housing stock in the UK.

Property MOT

An example is the drive to insulate homes throughout the country. And, we should not dismiss the significant number of previous properties that had the installation reversed due to unforeseen outcomes.

The challenges landlords and residents face when dealing with a damp, condensation and mould issue can also impact the desired solution to not only uphold the immediate issue but, ensure compliance with Net Zero targets.

There has never been a better time to unite skills, expertise and unique property solutions with an overriding uniform framework delivering solutions in a certifiable manner.

The Property MOT® is a strategic framework that can be embedded within existing management processes, confirming current structural conditions in a proactive manner with better decision resolutions based upon bespoke data.

A long-term entity, the system acknowledges historical trend data for structural types, geographical location and orientation enabling tailored solutions aligned to a myriad of key information whilst upholding the decarbonisation drive.

Property MOT

The Property MOT® Executive Paper features…
• Background information for the product creation
• Key support data for securing a uniform surveying process
• Defines existing MOT processes and the flexible framework expansion prospects
• How the process is supported by key experts in the long term
• A consolidated and transparent process aligned to better decision making
• Embracing the net zero journey with key structural understanding

Property MOT

A data driven proactive approach to certifying structural health

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