Titon launches new online video library

Titon has introduced an online video library to offer support and help to customers, particularly now that so many are working from home.  The new online videos cover both the Ventilation Systems and Window & Door Hardware divisions. Available on both the company’s website and YouTube channel, the new library features educational film clips and provides customers with a central hub of essential information.

video library

Containing a series of live action and animated shorts, the online video library features a variety of Titon products, highlighting their features and benefits, while also covering essential maintenance tips. This ranges from Titon’s MVHR and MEV ventilation units and controls, through to window & door hardware.

Upon searching the video library, viewers can find details on a range of topics, such as how to replace an espagnolette window handle and how to change the filters inside different types of MVHR units. In addition, there is a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s ‘AREA 24’ research and testing facility, as well as corporate profiles.

The online video library also boasts a series of animations detailing how the different types of ventilation systems operate, including the airflow involved, complying with relevant industry legislation and how different products (such as MVHR units and trickle vents) can be used together to comply with the Building Regulations.

Commenting on the new video library, Tyson Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director at Titon, said: “By illustrating the capabilities of our products, as well as sharing relevant installation and legislative information, we are able to offer customers another avenue to explore our portfolio. Whether it’s a view behind the scenes, or the specifics of an individual component, our new online video library is a fantastic educational resource. Plus, as we introduce more products to the market, we can add them to the archive, ensuring everyone from housebuilders, fabricators and end users remain up to date with the latest developments.”

Titon’s videos can be found on the company’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TitonUK or at www.titon.com/videos

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