Titon unveils Hexalok™: Six Point Multi-Point Door Locking System

Leading the change in home security innovation, Titon is proud to introduce its new multi-point door locking system for sliding patio doors, Hexalok™.

This cutting-edge, cost-effective solution has been developed by Titon to provide unparalleled, affordable security.

Hexalok™ boasts a centre hook and five additional mushroom cams providing extra secure locking and to prevent lifting of the sliding doors.

Hexalok™ is available in two cam layouts for optimum positioning: version A (long) where the locking cams are spread further apart, and version B (short) where the cam positions are more closely spaced.

door locking system

Supplied with both standard cams and security cams along with 2mm spacers for increased cam height, Hexalok™ also has a central alignment mark on both the faceplate and keep allow for ease of installation.

Hexalok™ is constructed from high grade stainless steel and has the additional benefit of stainless steel locking mechanism components for superior performance.
Robin Gardiner, Head of Product Development for Window & Door Hardware at Titon, expressed his enthusiasm for Hexalok’s launch, stating, “Hexalok™ is the result of extensive research and development aimed at delivering a security solution that truly stands out in today’s market. We’re proud to say that this product combines robust and reliable components with a cost-effective approach, making advanced security an affordable option.”

Hexalok™ has been subjected to the full testing capabilities of Titon’s Area 24 in-house state-of-the-art window and door testing facility. It has been salt-spray tested to 480 hours BS EN 1670 (Grade 5) and achieved 100,000 handle lift operations and 50,000 locking operations. Hexalok™ also has the advantage of being designed with PAS24 compliance in mind.

Titon’s continued commitment to bringing affordable new products into the aluminium market ensures that advanced security is no longer a luxury but an accessible necessity. As Robin aptly puts it, “Hexalok™ is not just about locking doors; it’s about locking in peace of mind.”

For more technical information on Hexalok™, please visit www.titon.com/uk/products/window-door-hardware/door-hardware/locking-door-hardware/hexalok/

To view Titon’s range of security solutions and other products for aluminium doors and windows, please visit: www.titon.com/aluminium

Image © Titon