Hightown HA highlight positive role of apprenticeships

A housing association has highlighted the positive impact that apprenticeships and traineeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy.

Hightown Housing Association says 19-year-old Levi Pierre apprentice has shown great potential and will become a role model for future learners.

Levi (pictured left), who lives in Hemel Hempstead, spends four days a week at Hightown as a Property Maintenance Apprentice and one day a week studying at West Herts College for his Property Maintenance qualification.

Apprenticeships – Levi Pierre and JJ Wilks of Hightown Housing Association

As well as working at Hightown’s head office in Hemel Hempstead, Levi carries out maintenance such as painting, changing doorframes and ensuring local Hightown estates are clear of rubbish. At college Levi works on the theory and practical side of things like plumbing, bricklaying and electrical work. 

Levi said: “After I left school, I was working part-time for a family friend fitting kitchens and carrying out home improvements. When I joined college, they encouraged me to apply for the apprenticeship at Hightown as there were more opportunities for me to learn new skills.

“My manager and the team have been really supportive and helped me settle in. I need to carry out a range of tasks as part of my college course and Hightown has arranged for me to get experience working with different tradesmen such as an air-conditioning engineer, a plumber and electrician.

“I enjoy the variety of work, I like the people and being part of a team. I’ve felt right at home at Hightown! I’m hoping to complete my apprenticeship next year and take on a permanent position.” 

It’s a career path that has worked for JJ Wilks – who joined Hightown as an apprentice back in 2017 and now has a permanent job as a caretaker. JJ works alongside Levi and has been busy showing him the ropes.

JJ (pictured right) said: “Since I started as an apprentice I’ve learnt so much and I’m happy to now be passing on that knowledge to Levi!”

Levi and JJ’s manager, Alister Wolfisz, said: “Levi has shown great potential in the eight months he’s been at Hightown. Like JJ, I believe he will become a role model for our future apprentices!”

Find out more about apprenticeships at www.getingofar.gov.uk