Concealing fire sprinkler system pipework simply and effectively


With HA and local authority landlords implementing major fire protection upgrade programmes, including the ongoing retro-fitting of fire sprinkler systems, for many contractors Encasement’s Versa pipe boxing is proving to be the ideal solution for concealing sprinkler pipework.

fire sprinkler system

For retro-fitted projects, fire sprinkler pipework is usually surface mounted, as it can’t be hidden in cavities and voids easily or economically. As, the main advantage of surface mounting is the speed and simplicity of installation, it’s important that the pipe boxing chosen to conceal it is also quick and easy, to help save time and money on-site.

Versa 5 and Versa 8 ‘L’ shaped fire sprinkler boxing is manufactured from 5mm or 8mm thick plywood in a range of sizes and also includes dedicated accessories, such as internal and external corners, which help create an integrated and uniform finish, whilst speeding the sprinkler installation.

Encasement’s experience of working with contractors on countless social housing projects where pipework needs to be concealed, has indicated that Versa pipe and fire sprinkler boxing can be fitted in less than half the time of site made alternatives. Also, as it’s pre-finished with durable white melamine, there’s no painting required on site, which saves further time and cost.

For HAs, local authorities and their contractors, this time saving helps ensure that fire safety upgrades can be completed within shorter timescales while simultaneously minimising the disruption for tenants while work is carried out.

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