FrameFit - remediates 77% of fire doors that are non-compliant

FrameFit is a brand-new, innovative, fire-rated, and fully tested system that solves a very common but serious problem with fire doors – excessive gaps between leaf and frame.

Current legislation states that fire doors with gaps of over 4mm between leaf and frame must be reported by inspectors as non-compliant, but despite this, a recent survey by one of the UK’s leading industry bodies reported that 75% of fire doors in the UK are non-compliant, and 77% of those that are non-compliant failed due to excessive gaps of over 4mm between the leaf and frame. Non-compliant fire doors will fail a fire risk assessment. This poses a threat to building inhabitants as well as asset owners, as compliant fire doors are required for effective compartmentalisation of a building to help stop the spread of fire.

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Until now, the only remedy for excessive gaps was to replace the fire door with a new one, which is significantly more costly, time consuming and requires highly skilled labour.

As The Fire Safety [England] Regulations come into effect in January, it is more important than ever that Housing Associations understand their responsibilities and are equipped with the right solutions to respond to them. As of January 2023, the new regulations state that: ‘In residential buildings with storeys over 11m in height, responsible persons will be required to undertake annual checks of flat entrance doors and quarterly checks of all fire doors in common parts. Any non-compliant doors must be brought into compliance.’
Housing Associations are at risk of facing enormous un-budgeted costs as the new legislation comes into effect, and FrameFit was developed specifically as a cost-effective, sustainable, and non-disruptive solution to this problem. It fits quickly and easily to existing door frames to close the gaps and provides a robust, durable solution that protects tenants and complies with legislation.

fire doorsBenefits of FrameFit for Housing Associations
• Effectively brings non-compliant fire doors back into compliance, protecting residents and property.
• FrameFit is quicker, easier, and cleaner to install than a new doorset, without any disruption to residents.
• Avoids the cost of replacing doors (save at least 80% on new replacement doors) and aids in budget management for residential buildings
over time.
• Becomes part of the old system, reducing time, costs, and resources spent on replacing non-compliant doors across a range of properties.

The FrameFit range comprises of FrameFit and a complementary Bottom DoorSeal which fits to the bottom of the door leaf to close any gaps underneath. FrameFit comes pre-cut and boxed and is simple and easy to install, with approximately 10 installations of FrameFit being possible within the time it would take a fire door installer to install just one replacement door. Both products are fully tested to BS 476 Part 22 and BS EN 1634-1.

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FrameFit is the only solution of its kind, and the only other alternative on the market currently is replacing the non-compliant door with an entirely new one.

Specifying FrameFit for remedial works to close gaps helps to save lives, time and budgets. It is highly advisable that Housing Associations ask their fire door installation contractors to provide this as an option. FrameFit has a growing number of distributors in place, serving the whole of the UK.

The team at FrameFit are passive fire protection and fire door experts and are on-hand to answer all your questions on legislation, processes, installation, and all products that they supply to help bring you into full compliance.

For more information about FrameFit visit or contact or speak to their knowledgeable and helpful team on 01442 899 942.