Cloud-based maintenance for electric radiators

Winter maintenance and repairs for heating systems is a major cost for housing associations with a large spread of properties in big towns and cities, as well as in groups of rural hard to reach locations.  Monday morning your in-tray is full of problems… tenants without heating are always a priority, but at what cost?
Sending a team of men in vans across towns and cities to assess the problem before any repair can take place, can take a week; incurring costs of man hours, fuel, vehicle wear and tear, carbon footprint, and back office admin paperwork; before any part can be ordered. Then the same costs are incurred all over again to install the new part and complete the repair.


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Introducing My-Sense and i-Sense Apps

The i-Sense is a British designed range of Wi-Fi electric radiator delivering convection and radiant heat via cast aluminium radiators that contain a patented Thermodynamic fluid that heats up in seconds, controllable to within +/- 0.1 degree and fully compliant with the ECO Design LOT 20 regulations for SMART controls and energy efficiency.
Tenants spend an average £780 on electric heating each year. The highly efficient i-Sense advanced heating system can help tenants to save costs. It can also reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to old conventional, uncontrollable storage or panel heater systems. The Carbon Trust Report tells us that turning down by just 1˚ will save tenants £70 per year.
i-Sense is a state-of-the-art SMART control technology which delivers maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption. With every radiator connected to your Wi-Fi and communicating via the IoT to a cloud based central dashboard, you can control the performance of up to 1,000 radiators on each dashboard.

Identify faults online for up to 1,000 electric radiators

Using the My-Sense cloud-based dashboard means one man can login, program, monitor and identify any fault for up to 1,000 radiators on each dashboard.
The My-Sense perfectly meets all your needs, through the linking of your i-Sense electric radiators to an app, performing tasks according to your schedules and taking into account such things as your location, the weather and if anyone is at home.
By having a separate online dashboard for each group of properties and you can see identify issues at individual properties. 90% of loss of heating reports can be fixed instantly using the cloud-based controls and the remaining 10% can be diagnosed and new parts ordered immediately.

My-Sense can make substantial savings for housing associations by reducing wasted travelling man hours, fuel and vehicle costs.

Carry out remote energy assessments on every property

New Government Regulations require energy assessments of every property to be carried out every time the tenants change. By using the i-Sense and My-Sense cloud-based App, you can remotely check the temperature settings in every property. Whether your properties are local or nationwide, this cloud-based maintenance will reduce your call out time and ultimately reduce costs.

Want to know more?

Here are some Intelli Heat videos that will show you how it works on one radiator… but it also works just as well on up to 1,000 radiators.
To see how i-Sense and My-Sense works view the YouTube video: i-Sense here and My-Sense here
An Instructional PDF is available for download in two parts Part 1 and Part 2
Speak to Intelli Heat about how Intelligent Heating Systems can revolutionise your winter maintenance programmes, save you thousands of pounds EVERY YEAR and make your Housing Association the best performing for response times and repairs for heating problems.

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