The ultimate fire safety door

Having been involved for many years in Fire rated products, gaining invaluable knowledge and insight into the Composite fire door industry Astraseal could see the requirement for a comprehensive fire safety door package. A start to finish solution backed up by extensive testing to the most onerous standards and certified by industry leading experts.

The package needed to provide a solution from enquiry through survey, design, manufacture, and installation and go on to include an opportunity for a maintenance contract. All stages of the process would need to be subject to testing, training programmes and certification to give clients the assurance that every door was backed up with unequivocal evidence proving its performance.

fire safety door

The package also needed to provide this one stop solution at a price that could not only compete within the composite fire door market but also offer clients huge savings over fire doors of other materials, and all of this needed to be available with shorter lead times than the market standards.

The ultimate fire safety door, fully third party accredited, at industry leading prices, available as a fast turnaround solution. A challenge indeed but one that Astraseal knew it could take on, resulting in higher fire safety door standards for the future.

As soon as the new testing methods were agreed, Astraseal embarked on an extensive testing programme backed by significant investment to ensure their future door sets would be at the very forefront, complying not only to the standards of the time but also future proofing them by testing them all to the more onerous European standard, BS EN1634-1. Each test subjecting two complete door sets to the intense and rapid heat build-up of a live fire scenario, with one door set installed to open towards the furnace and the other to open away from the furnace, resulting in a true bi directionally tested door.

Colin Stanley, Operations Director comments “Following a vast amount of tests of which 100% passed the required timings, with some exceeding the required times by up to 25 Minutes. Bi-directional testing has been successfully completed to BS EN1634-1, our solid and glazed FD30 doors have also been tested with a fixed glazed fanlight over the top of the door frame which can be either part of the frame by utilising a bespoke transom section or coupled to the main door frame for increased overall height. The FD30 doors can also incorporate a TS008 compliant letterplate.”

fire safety door

In March 2020 Astraseal became the first UK manufacturer to be awarded the third-party certification under the new BM Trada scheme, STD170. The new Astraseal Fire Safety Doors have been approved by BM Trada under the Q Mark Scheme - an independent third-party certification scheme that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products. More recently Astraseal have successfully tested door designs incorporating glazed panels within them, enabling an industry leading range of both solid and glazed FD30 door designs to be available. The Astraseal range is also certified by Secure by Design for security, having passed the onerous Pas24 testing, resulting in an industry leading dual certified product for both fire rating and security, the ultimate Fire Safety Door.

Astraseal have also been awarded Q mark certification to scheme STD052 covering the installation of composite fire doors, with installers undergoing an extensive training programme and being subject to regular on-site auditing, along with scheme STD058 for the maintenance of composite fire doors, enabling Astraseal to offer a fully third party certified package from manufacture to maintenance.

The range covers 3 solid FD30 door designs as well as several glazed FD30 door designs, all available in a choice of colour finishes, with options for furniture and locking systems, which can incorporate an electronic entry system.

Astraseal’s new Fire Safety doors are available as part of a full survey, supply and install package or on a supply only basis, subject to installers meeting certain criteria.

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