Vent-Axia’s PoziDry Pro™ PIV Tackles Radon

Vent-Axia’s next generation PoziDry Pro™ Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit has been updated to include a Radon mode to help tackle the problem of radon gas in affected areas. Designed by the UK’s leading ventilation company specifically to tackle condensation and mould and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in social housing properties, PIV is also a proven and effective way of significantly reducing radon gas levels. Contaminated air is forced out of the home by the introduction of fresh, filtered air into the property.

Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro

Radon is a naturally occurring colourless, odourless radioactive gas and is a major consideration for many social housing providers. If residents are exposed there is a danger to health including damage to living tissues and the increased risk of lung cancer. To help combat this, in areas where radon gas is a risk, the PoziDry Pro™ can be commissioned to run in the optional Radon mode. Selected in the menu, this mode ensures that the unit runs continuously to protect the residents from harmful radon gases. The unit will not cut out as a result of a temperature threshold setting i.e. it will over-ride the “summer time cut off” which would usually cut off the unit when a threshold high temperature was reached. This ensures airflow at all times to mitigate radon gas levels and so protect residents’ health.
 “This flexibility in commissioning is another great addition to the PoziDry Pro™ and sets us apart from other PIV units on the market which do not offer a Radon mode. This latest level of control makes the PoziDry Pro™ the natural choice for landlords looking to provide improved tenant comfort and health through highly effective condensation and mould control in all areas of the UK and beyond” said Tom Wodcke, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “The Radon mode sits alongside other new additions to the unit including a tamper-proof lock mode, summer and winter comfort settings, and a new easy to install discreet diffuser. Together these features make the PoziDry Pro™ a real winner.”
Boasting quick and simple installation for contractors the PoziDry Pro™ is a highly energy efficient ventilation unit that is unobtrusive, near silent and helps provide a healthy environment for residents. Operating by drawing in fresh air via the loft, the PoziDry Pro™ filters all incoming air removing contaminants via the high grade G4 or F7 filters before gently introducing it into the habitable areas of the property. The diffuser directs the airflow upwards where the incoming air mixes with the warm air that gathers at ceiling height. The system provides fresh, tempered air that is drier than the inside air, this creates a healthy indoor environment helping to avoid condensation and mould, benefiting both the occupants and the structure of the building.
For landlords the PoziDry Pro™ offers the perfect solution for hard to cure condensation and mould properties by preventing moisture build-up within the home and improving IAQ. Boasting Smart Sense™ intelligent technology, the unit provides data via an intuitive interface to communicate the fan’s energy performance whilst its datalogger records a number of different factors including length of time spent on each speed. This helps to identify properties with high humidity as they spend longer on higher speeds. The datalogger can also show remaining filter life and energy consumption.
For contractors the PoziDry Pro™ features tried and tested Smart Sense™ technology making installation quick and simple thanks to a simple alpha numeric LED display which is clear and easy to read and a three-button menu for commissioning and data gathering. With the unit sized to fit through all standard loft hatches, the PoziDry Pro™ is a lightweight easy one-man-lift with an easy-grip handle moulded into the unit to make carrying it through the loft easy. The unit also comes pre-attached with filters to further speed up installation.
Traditionally PIV units are available with hanging kits only but to ensure an easy install first time the PoziDry Pro™ features two mounting options as standard; multi-position mounting legs and a hanging kit. This ensures the PoziDry Pro™ is suitable for a wider range of homes. The PoziDry Pro’s mounting legs offer installation versatility, especially where a roof has a shallow pitch. Designed to fit any 400mm to 600mm joist centres, the anti-vibration acoustic mounting legs raise the PIV above potential loft insulation and can be adjusted for different joists offering installation versatility and ensuring silent operation.
PoziDry Pro™ offers reliable and effective ventilation with a 5-year warranty, protecting residents’ homes from condensation and mould and offering peace of mind for landlords.

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