Radon awareness

Airtech, the ventilation specialists, is supporting UK Radon Awareness Week (4-10 November 2019.) Run by the UK Radon Association, this year the campaign is focusing on recent research from Public Health England (PHE) and University College London (UCL) that reveals that home energy efficiency measures, such as double glazing and insulation, are linked to increasing indoor radon levels. This in turn is raising the risk of lung cancer caused by exposure to the gas. Since landlords have a Duty of Care under the Homes Act to provide a safe home, radon is therefore a major consideration for social housing providers.

Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro

Vent-Axia’s next generation PoziDry Pro™ Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit has been updated to include a Radon mode to help tackle the problem of radon gas in affected areas.