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Airtech, the condensation, mould and radon specialists, is supporting UK Radon Awareness Week (2-8 November 2020) which is run by the UK Radon Association, by encouraging households to protect their lungs by being Radon Aware and taking action. This year radon awareness is more important than ever due the pandemic, firstly because households are spending longer periods of time at home and so have extended periods of exposure to radon in radon-affected properties. Secondly good lung health is paramount in helping protect against COVID-19. With radon the second leading cause of lung cancer in the UK after smoking it poses a significant risk to lung health with an estimated 1100 deaths each year estimated to be caused by exposure to the gas.

Airtech offers Radon solutions for social housing

Airtech Environmental Systems, the ventilation specialists, is delighted to support UK Radon Awareness Week (5-11 November 2018.) Run by the UK Radon Association the theme for the 2018 campaign is Healthy Living with the focus being on raising awareness of how radon can affect all aspects of life, from home to workplaces.

Airtech, offers social housing providers a complete solution to help protect residents from the risks caused by Radon gas in the home. Domestic exposure to radon increases the risk of lung cancer, with 1,000 to 2,000 deaths each year estimated to be caused by exposure to the gas. Since Landlords have a responsibility to their tenants under Duty of Care and the Housing Act to provide a safe home, radon is a major consideration for social housing providers.