Primed 2 Go

Introducing Primed 2 Go from Vicaima, saving valuable time and costs on site with a revolutionary new surface finish.  With its specially developed ultra-smooth surface, Primed 2 Go allows you to just wipe the face clean and paint without the need for time consuming sanding or priming on site. All doors are manufactured to Vicaima’s superior construction with timber lippings and softwood rails. Fire performance options are also available.  Why sand and prime a door when you can use Primed 2 Go.

Vicaima's Essential Dekordor

Change is in the air concerning fire doors and related risk critical products and everyone should be aware of the urgent need to specify truly compliant products that play a significant role in the process of safety.

Vicaima Don’t play with fire

The tragic events of the Grenfell disaster last year cast a long shadow and one that will remain with the industry for decades to come. 

Of course lessons will be learnt and perhaps at long last due attention will be paid to safety above other considerations when deciding upon risk critical building products such as fire doors and fire door assemblies. 

More immediately however we all await the inevitable changes to legislation and good practice, following Dame Judith Hackitt’s independent review and how it will shape future product specification, installation and ongoing use throughout the life cycle of the building.