bathroom design

Every day, 250 people start to lose their sight across the UK.  This is a problem that is made worse by poorly designed homes. When it comes to housing associations, many people with visual impairments are waking up in a home that is not adapted to their needs and the area of greatest risk for them is the bathroom. Here Stuart Reynolds, Head of Product and Marketing at AKW explains how social landlords can introduce simple bathroom design changes to improve the lives and safety of tenants. 

emergency lighting

The importance of a reliable emergency lighting system can’t be understated. Simply put, lives depend on it. P4, the UK’s largest independent self-testing emergency lighting specialist, was the first in their industry to be awarded an enhanced level BSI kitemark for emergency lighting, with their Fastel Automatic Testing and Monitoring Systems being independently verified by impartial third-party testing. This has been followed with a Kitemark for IoT (Internet of Things) for their Fastel systems M-Web Controller.