CURV® the effects of condensation

Adequate ventilation is of crucial importance to the overall maintenance and protection of your property and its inhabitants.

The build-up of condensation within the roof space remains an issue as the industry moves towards more energy efficient buildings.  For many homeowners, the big consideration when it comes to energy saving is insulation. Whilst this is an important aspect for keeping your house warm and reducing energy costs, the need for roof ventilation should not be neglected as this could lead to serious and indeed costly repercussions.

By ensuring you have an adequate level of roof ventilation in your roof you can make significant strides towards preventing the build-up of condensation and the associated problems of damp that this causes.

An effective method for delivering roofspace ventilation and keeping condensation at bay is by adopting roof space tile and slate ventilators. As warm air rises, a vented roof allows heat to escape the space more readily.


The CURV® Cowled Universal Tile Vent by Manthorpe Building Products can be used to remove this build up of condensation which can develop in the roof void.  It is an ideal solution for a retrofit or refurbishment situation as it can be fitted to older existing roofs without the need to remove all the roof covering.

Manthorpe has added the CURV® to its expanding range of tile vents to provide a straightforward universal solution to the question of tile profile matching.  Designed to provide a quick and simple resolution to the problems of roofspace ventilation, mechanical extraction or MVHR its large  geometric free ventilation area results in low airflow restrictions and the integral connection spigots allow it to be connected to various ducting diameters making CURV® the ideal vent for this application.

The tile vent not only suits both large and small format interlocking tiles, both flat and profiled in design but also, deep bold roll styles of tile.  CURV® can also be used on lower pitch installations such as a domestic extension.  Fitted with a versatile flashing skirt which can be dressed to match the relevant profile of the roof covering, the vent comes with an adhesive mastic backing which securely seals the flashing down to the roof.

CURV has been independently wind tunnel tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) giving you peace of mind that you are using a product that is tested and monitored for performance and consistency.

With the addition of CURV® to their range Manthorpe now offer a range of nine essential roof tile profiles that will address most roof space ventilation requirements.

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