Heating and Ventilation


VORTICE which has been based in the UK since 1977 and is part of the VORTICE Group, has seen a restructure of the UK division with newly appointed General Manager Stephen Smith. During this exciting time VORTICE has implemented a brand new management system and complete service solution aimed at the private landlord to help combat issues with mould and damp.


The H&V News Awards has shortlisted leading British ventilation manufacturer, Vent-Axia, within two categories in its 2023 awards. As well as being named as a double finalist in the Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year category with its award-winning Lo-Carbon™ Multivent MEV Range and its award-winning Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro™, the company’s Heat Recovery Retrofit Solution has also reached the final in the Net Zero Impact category. The triple-award shortlisting illustrates Vent-Axia’s commitment to offering its customers’ more sustainable ventilation solutions, helping housebuilders and social housing providers meet their environmental goals.


Often residents do not understand the importance of correct ventilation in the properties, and without realising it they can even create the poor air quality in their own dwelling, and the higher relative humidity levels, which may ultimately lead to mould growth.

Some may even tape up ventilation grills as they don’t like to “feel the cold” especially as they perceive this wastes energy they are paying for.

structrual health

The founders of Cornerstone have a significant history dealing with fire and flood incidents and, our clear knowledge of structural and atmospheric moisture behaviour in affected buildings alongside a transparent reporting process was soon noticed by clients including NHBC, Private Surveyors and Social Housing landlords seeking to determine root causes for a reported damp, condensation and mould problem.

With these prevailing issues every winter period, Cornerstone are conscious of the need for a uniform approach that will serve to deliver credible diagnosis alongside specific guidance for building occupants and structural owners/landlords/managers with particular emphasis on the safety of those who use and occupy the buildings.


extra boost

The Radfan Extra Boost is the latest model in the Radfan range, but designed with air/ground source heat pump system applications in mind.

Just as the Classic Radfan, this model helps make residents feel warmer more quickly so potentially reducing their energy bills, and reduces the conditions which promote the growth of mould.

energy costs

Cottsway is West Oxfordshire’s largest housing provider and has over 5,100 homes across Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Cottsway are working to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs for customers in these homes and are working with Sava to help achieve these objectives.

What did Cottsway want to achieve?
At the beginning of the project Cottsway held only enough energy data to calculate ratings within Sava Intelligent Energy for a small number of properties. Cottsway had commissioned a large number of EPCs over several years which they no longer had access to. Cottsway also held a lot of useful energy data in separate asset datasets such as PV information and gas boiler makes and models.


With over 80,000 units manufactured and sold in the UK since 2013, Radfan enables residents to feel warmer more quickly, potentially saving energy costs.

By circulating air within the rooms where they are situated also helps dispel the conditions which promote mould growth.