Smartply FR OSB3 on site

SMARTPLY FR OSB3 is the flame-retardant panel for use in structural applications, that can now be manufactured in panels of up to 7.5m long by 2.5m wide, making it ideal for offsite construction methods.

Pod Kitchens and bathrooms with MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME

‘Pod’ seems to be a buzzword latching on to multiple room styles at present, none more so than kitchens and bathrooms. Pod kitchens and bathrooms are compact, prefabricated spaces that can be installed quickly and easily in applications where time, money and crucially space needs to be made the most of.

These space saving pieces of genius are ideal for buildings that need to utilise every last inch, such as city hotels and student accommodation. Furthermore, considering the rate at which high density housing is being built across the UK, it looks like pods might be here to stay.