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Environmental concerns are again in the media, the latest report by the Climate Change Committee is painting a bleak picture of the future if action is not taken to reduce the impact we have on the planet.  

Water, in the UK, has not traditionally been an area of concern, but understanding of the impact on the environment has begun to be more widely recognised. Despite our rainfall, population and demand continue to grow.  This alongside aging networks springing leaks puts our water system under strain like never before.

One water company has thrown out traditional practice and adopted a new method of working that tackles these issues and future proofs their network.


Vestemi’s smart heating control, Radbot, has now been approved by energy regulator, Ofgem, for use under the energy efficiency scheme, ECO (Energy Company Obligation).
Radbot was selected in June 2019 as one of just five new technologies to be trialled to support Ofgem’s increasing focus on leveraging innovation to improve energy efficiency in UK homes.  
As a smart heating control, Radbot heats each room when occupied and automatically reduces the temperature when empty without the need for the user to programme schedules, control heating via an app or even connect to WiFi.  

Glenn Foot from Eaton Security on ensuring your smart products are well-protected from cybersecurity threats

Glenn Foot from Eaton Security on ensuring your smart products are well-protected from cybersecurity threats…

The days when compact mobile devices were simply for making phone calls seem like ancient history. Even the most basic modern smartphone now offers always-on internet connectivity that enables users to control more and more aspects of their lives or work at the tap (or swipe) of a screen.

It means that from managing domestic or workplace heating through to lighting and other applications, there’s no end to the possibilities offered by smartphones and other tools such as tablets. It’s fast, accessible and increasingly easy-to-use technology that has a big appeal.