Fire, Security and Safety

door sets

Passive fire protection systems specialist Promat UK has developed two new steel framed glazed door systems and a timber door set to provide specifiers with assured fire safety solutions in domestic, public and commercial buildings.
All three door sets are available in EI30 or EI60 specifications, which means they will retain their integrity and provide effective insulation to protect people and assets in the event of a fire for either 30 or 60 minutes.

aluminium decking

The switch to non-combustible construction materials continues to impact housing, with ever-changing regulations leaving property managers looking for compliant and cost-effective options for fire-safety remediation projects across the UK. We spoke with Richard Izzard, managing director of AliDeck to see
how they’re leading the way in providing fire-safe aluminium decking and balcony components.

golden thread

Fire doorset legislation has changed significantly in the recent years, with changes made at every stage in the lifecycle of a fire doorset, from design & testing to inspection & maintenance. For social housing fire doorset specifications, this means that all the stages in the lifecycle of a fire doorset, need to not just be included in the specification, but reviewed to ensure compliance with the new legislation.

aluminium decking

Timber decking on balconies has been recognised as no longer fit for purpose. We spoke with Richard Izzard, managing director of AliDeck, about a recent fire-safety remediation
project in London where aluminium decking provided a compliant solution.

With the monumental change in building regulations for multi-storey developments over recent years, new-build use of combustible materials such as timber or composite decking on balconies has fallen to zero.

However, there are countless existing buildings across the UK that have already had timber decking installed. Property managers and building owners have increasingly faced the prospect of undertaking fire safety remediation across their portfolio, and progress to a fire-safe future has been a challenge to achieve.

product selector

Specifying high-performance intumescent air transfer grilles has just become simpler with Lorient’s new product selector tool. Manufactured to the highest standards, Lorient offers a wide range of fire / fire & smoke rated ATGs for doors, walls, ducts, floors & ceilings.

fire safety

Fire protection solutions manufacturer, Advanced, has welcomed the amended Approved Document B of the Building Regulations as a “positive step in the right direction to improve fire safety in new high-rise residential buildings”.  

Published on 1 June 2022, Part B (Fire Safety) offers new improvements to fire safety guidance to ensure tall buildings are made safer in England, as part of a wider package of reforms. A ‘significant’ addition to the document is the mandatory requirement for new residential developments over 18m to incorporate an evacuation alert system, offering new clarity for those involved in the design or construction of residential developments.


fire door

A high-performance GRP fire door system is the latest offering from one of Britain’s leaders in the field.
With an experienced, dedicated team, extensive customer support, and an uncompromising commitment to quality, Hurst Doors has earned itself a reputation for excellence over the past 25 years.
Now, by offering the new fds fire door system, it looks set to continue that legacy.