Fire, Security and Safety

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Sidey embarked on a replacement project with a Housing Association to replace fire doors in over 1000 properties throughout the region.
We supplied & fitted white inside & outside solid six panel FD30 composite fire doors. Every Sidey manufactured fire door is fully certified under the new BM Trada Scheme STD 170 (both glazed and unglazed doors.)  FD30 doors are tested in line with cyclic testing for both fire and smoke in line with current standards and requirements. Tested both internally & externally to BSEN1634-1 and Smoke control resistance tested to EN1634-3:2004
Additionally, FD30 doors are tested to PAS24 Enhanced Security standard including durability, weather tightness & cycle testing



The 5 year warranty has been extended to cover the Ecocal® Thermostatic Radiator Valves and Ecocal® twin packs, as a testament to their quality and reliability. These join several Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) and Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) that are already covered by the industry leading warranty.

Altecnic, the UK’s leading supplier of hydronic solutions and part of the Caleffi Group, has unveiled an extension to the Caleffi 5 year warranty to cover the Ecocal® Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) and the Ecocal® Twin Packs.



Hurst Doors Sales Director Mark Atkinson supports Fire Door Safety Week. He believes the sector needs to do all it can to educate stakeholders on how they can contribute to maintaining fire safety – and explains the story behind the development of the Neuma fds fire door system.
Since 2013, like dozens of other businesses throughout our sector, we’ve been marking Fire Door Safety Week – raising awareness and educating the market about the critical role fire doors play in saving lives and property.
This event provides us with the opportunity to think deeply about what ‘raising awareness’ and ‘educating the market’ means in this context. What exactly is the message we want to communicate, and what is it we ultimately want to achieve?


entrance mats

Fire safety is an important consideration in the building industry, and everyone involved in construction or property management should choose materials and processes to help prevent fires. This is especially important in multi-tenanted buildings like apartment complexes and retirement/nursing homes, where a fire can quickly spread and put lives at risk.

Many people don’t realise that most entrance mats are not flame-retardant, meaning they can fuel a fire and spread it around the building more quickly. Most building operators and landlords know the risks and will ask tenants to remove mats that aren’t classified as flame-retardant. Learn more about Flame-Retardant Entrance Mats with this guide provided by First Mats.


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FrameFit is a brand-new, innovative, fire-rated, and fully tested system that solves a very common but serious problem with fire doors – excessive gaps between leaf and frame.

Current legislation states that fire doors with gaps of over 4mm between leaf and frame must be reported by inspectors as non-compliant, but despite this, a recent survey by one of the UK’s leading industry bodies reported that 75% of fire doors in the UK are non-compliant, and 77% of those that are non-compliant failed due to excessive gaps of over 4mm between the leaf and frame. Non-compliant fire doors will fail a fire risk assessment. This poses a threat to building inhabitants as well as asset owners, as compliant fire doors are required for effective compartmentalisation of a building to help stop the spread of fire.

fire doors

Described as ‘the most advanced system for management of fire doors on the market’, Door Data Systems is an innovative system enabling the recording and storage of key data attached to fire door processes, including inspections, maintenance, and installations. Those responsible for fire door safety can be certain that they are taking a responsible, forward-facing approach to improving the standards of building safety by specifying Door Data Systems and joining National Fire Door Register.


Manufacturing windows and doors to keep communities safe has been a key driver for Shelforce for more than four decades.

The Birmingham-based company provides high-quality PVCu products and Fire doors for specialist window and door projects tailored to local authorities and housing associations and employs some of the city’s most vulnerable people with 75% of its workforce disabled.

As a result, Shelforce has developed effective relationships and works with national contractors and leading house builders within Birmingham and beyond.