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New build house with Endurawood doors & windows

Euramax Solutions, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of PVCu windows and doors, has announced the launch of its new unique range of exterior cladding and outdoor living products for the construction market. Endurawood components are made of solid aluminium yet have the beautiful appearance of natural timber.

Barnsley-based Euramax Solutions has been manufacturing PVCu windows and doors for over 65 years and supplies to the modular, new build, holiday home, DIY and retail sectors across the UK. It is now able to offer its commercial clients a choice of aluminium products from decking, wall cladding, gates, pergolas, balustrades, handrails and more, all with the unique Endurawood appearance.

Common Causes of Boiler Breakdowns - testing a boiler

Boilers break down when you least expect them to, and usually during the colder months when you’re most dependent on them. Boilers can stop working for any number of reasons, so it’s important to use them regularly and schedule annual servicing.

Before you start shopping for a new boiler when one stops working, look for some simple explanations – is a valve closed? Is the gas on? Has a fuse blown? Is the thermostat set up wrong? Try to locate the source of the problem before trying to fix it.

Here are some of the most common causes of boiler breakdown:


Polypipe Building Products is at the forefront of innovation with the launch of a new innovative range of soil products for the UK residential market.

Ring seal soil systems have remained largely unchanged for several decades, so this exciting new launch makes PolySoil™ the most comprehensive and technologically advanced ring seal soil product in the sector. 

PolySoil™ is constructed from single-piece moulding technology that improves the performance and longevity of the soil system by having no snap caps. Soil systems expand and contract depending on the temperature of the water running through the system, and it is possible that over time the integrity of a snap cap fitting can be compromised leading to failure. PolySoil™ fittings are manufactured with one piece moulding technology so they have no moving parts, therefore improving the life and integrity of a soil system.

Aluminium Window

Windows and doors are the entry ways to your home, so when it’s time to replace them, it’s important to choose durable and resistant materials that will stand the test of time. The argument of which material is better to use for windows and doors between PVCu and aluminium has been in debate ever since aluminium became a popular window manufacturing material.

Recent figures[1] suggest that the number of PVCu window and doors fabricators are declining, or have begun to offer aluminium systems, with a massive 40% increase in firms who offer both PVCu and aluminium products. In 2015, almost 60% of bifold doors in the UK were made of aluminium, compared to only 27% made from PVCu, showing the rise and popularity of aluminium in UK households. However, both materials have been trusted for use in construction for decades due to their durability and resistance.

Housing scheme

Housing scheme, Hugh Webster Place, features bright and colourful cladding which has been complemented by the use of Senior Architectural Systems’ slim profile SPW600 aluminium doors and windows. The fenestration package has been designed, fabricated and installed by Glass & Framing Solutions Ltd for main contractor Houlton & Sons.

Dakea Flat Roof Windows

Dakea has expanded its range of roof windows and skylights with the addition of both fixed and openable windows for flat roofs. The simple to install windows feature a durable aluminium exterior, toughened external pane and laminated interior panes for longevity, safety and security. The new windows also deliver excellent light transmittance levels, superior energy efficiency and outstanding sound absorption to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Suitable for residential, commercial and public buildings, the windows are available in a range of sizes from 600x600 mm to 1200x1200 mm and can be installed on roofs with a pitch between 5° and 15°. The interior of the window frame is white PVC in RAL 9016 while the exterior is finished in RAL 7043 grey aluminium.

Dulux Trade bespoke Colour Sensor

Dulux Trade has launched a must-have tool for contractors to allow them to match the colour of multiple surfaces to Dulux Trade paint on site. 

The bespoke Dulux Trade Colour Sensor has been uniquely adapted for Dulux Trade to give far greater accuracy than other similar colour scanners.

The cutting-edge device, which is the approximate size of a 50 pence piece and weighs only 17 grams, will allow decorating contractors to make colour recommendations on the spot and accurately find the nearest Dulux Trade paint shades.