Refurb and maintenance


Polypipe Building Services has provided a complex drainage solution for the refurbishment of an ageing tower block with minimal disruption by manufacturing bespoke drainage stacks offsite.

Collaborating with contractors Mulalley and consultants John Rowan & Partners, the Kent-based drainage system company provided prefabricated products adapted to meet the challenges of this 50-year-old building which had been subject to several adaptations over the years.


Britain has an existing housing stock that is the oldest in Europe. And this means that many properties don’t have any insulation – in fact, only about 50% have cavity or solid wall insulation.
Heat loss in a house happens faster in poorly insulated homes. So with no insulation, the existing stock of houses aren’t as energy efficient as they could, and should, be.
It’s generally considered that about 35% of heat lost is through the walls, and 25% is through the roof. The lack of insulation means that cold, external walls are the chief culprit for heat loss because, without adequate insulation, they don’t keep heat inside the home, which makes it harder to maintain a comfortable temperature and causes energy bills to rise as thermostats are turned up higher and are left on for longer. And with the majority of heating systems being reliant upon fossil fuels, not only do energy bills increase but the impact on the planet is also significant.



When exposed pipework or services need to be concealed quickly and easily, the Pendock Profiles range is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective available for use in a wide variety of social housing projects and applications.

Pendock MX and TK pipe boxing can be used in most general interior applications to conceal heating system, water supply or waste pipes, while MXF boxing is a dedicated solution for covering fire sprinkler system pipework, where its widespread use is helping speed fire safety improvement projects across the UK.



Where fire sprinkler systems are being retro-fitted in social housing tower blocks and flats, Encasement’s Versa range provides a cost effective, durable and easy-fit solution when boxing-in surface mounted sprinkler pipework.

Pre-finished in a durable white melamine Versa ‘L’ shaped boxing is manufactured as standard from pre-formed UKTR compliant plywood and is available in 5mm and 8mm thicknesses for use within flats, as well as communal areas, such as corridors and lift lobbies.


metal pipe boxing

When concealing external pipework, building services and other utilities associated with low carbon district heating schemes or air-source and ground-source heat pumps, our metal pipe boxing range provides protection against accidental damage and improves a project’s aesthetics.

Bespoke manufactured to the individual project specifications from 2mm aluminium, as standard, Pendock metal boxing is available in two styles. CHM is a three-sided channel profile, for securing to a single flat surface, while the MXM is a two-sided 90-degree design for fixing to adjacent surfaces, such as walls and ceilings.



Hazel Verschuere, building products director from Deeplas, highlights some of the wide-ranging PVC-U product choices that can deliver budgetary and operational advantages for housing associations.

Housing associations must continually optimise the support and services they provide, while at the same time delivering high levels of tenant comfort and satisfaction.

As a result, it is important product specification choices take account of upfront costs, material performance, aesthetics, and ongoing maintenance commitments. Of these, any reduction in repair and maintenance can help cut financial pressures.



The Dulux Trade Commercial Colour Services team has been hailed for their expert design support on a council owned social housing regeneration programme that saw residents take a lead role in decision-making.

The initiative by Exeter City Council followed the principles of their Better Homes For Local People strategy that promises full and transparent consultation and involvement with those affected by building and renovation projects from the outset.