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Designing and constructing future-proof social houses, which will serve their occupants for years to come and will not cause issues to the building users and building owners is paramount. Even with the most innovative design, the building is as good as the materials used in its construction, with roofs demanding special attention from architects and builders alike.

record growth

Social landlords turning to timber to reducing carbon and improving building performance  

High performance timber windows and doors manufacturer, NorDan UK Ltd, has announced a record 34 percent increase in turnover for a single year in 2022.

This has included significant growth in the UK social housing market, with social landlords increasing their purchase of NorDan products by 11 percent.



Denbighshire Council has become one of the first local authorities in the UK to pilot a new type of solar pitched roof system, with the aim of cutting maintenance costs and helping tenants reduce their energy bills.  The pioneering refurbishment scheme has seen Marley’s full pitched roof system, with integrated solar panels, installed on 110 homes and surveys are already taking place for a second, larger phase.

roof system

The Crest Nelskamp Planum and G10 S PV integrated solar PV system is a quick and easy to fit system that works seamlessly with Crest’s Planum concrete and G10 clay roof tiles, offering a state-of-the-art solution for the completed roof.

With an increasing focus on sustainable solutions in the built environment as the UK looks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, Crest Building Products offers the Crest Planum and G10 Clay S PV Integrated solar system. They are engineered to fit quickly and are installed at the same time as the roof, interlocking easily with Crest’s Planum concrete flat tiles and the G10 clay tiles. Crest’s PV Solar Tile solution provides an almost seamless, attractive finish to the completed roof, whilst supplying the homeowner or building owner with an instant clean and efficient energy supply.


energy crisis

As winter’s icy grip bites harder, the effective insulation and sealing of windows and doors is a priority, says Andy Swift, sales and operations manager for foam sealants specialist, ISO Chemie.As winter’s icy grip bites harder, the effective insulation and sealing of windows and doors is a priority, says Andy Swift, sales and operations manager for foam sealants specialist, ISO Chemie.
He says it’s not just the frames themselves that need attention when it comes to keeping out the cold this winter - it’s the entire installation which has to be addressed.
Most property owners probably don’t realise that they are among the majority with energy inefficient windows until they feel a cold draught from somewhere, or see their electric and gas bills rapidly escalate as they struggle to keep their properties warm.

offsite solutions

For the offsite sector, the focus is not just on building efficiently but also building efficient and healthy buildings. To achieve both aims, offsite manufacturers need to be able to rely on their supply chain partners to make sure every aspect of a build is as efficient as possible. Close and early collaboration is key, as the fabric first approach demonstrates with more efficiencies achieved when important ‘hidden protectors’ are designed in from the start.

Building Product Design Ltd, which encompasses three subsidiary companies – Glidevale Protect, Passivent and Kingfisher Louvres, is an excellent example of this industry collaboration in practice and as Adam Ford, director of technical & marketing at Building Product Design Ltd explains, the company has developed
a package of specialist support and healthy solutions tailored specifically for the offsite sector.


Building design preferences are as prone to change across the decades as any other trend; but one element of construction that never falters from one generation to the next, is the need for quality; in terms of both aesthetics and performance.

Infinity Steel from Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS) is a range of lightweight rainwater solutions suited to both traditional and contemporary buildings, and to secure its continued popularity for future generations it is now available in the timeless new colour,
RAL 9007: Grey Aluminium.